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Fuel Tanker Overturns and Burst into Flames in Northern Thailand



Fuel Tanker Overturns and Burst into Flames in Northern Thailand

A fuel tanker truck crashed and overturned then burst into flames, killing the driver, in Northern Thailand’s Lampun on Sunday, police said.

Police investigator, said the accident occurred at about 10.30am while the fuel tanker was heading downhill from Doi Khun Tam mountain heading for Lamphun.

Police and firefighters found the fuel tanker engulfed in flames. The body of the driver, identified later as Mr Nikom Kamchan, 59, was found near the wreck. A passenger car was also severely damaged after being hit in the rear by the lorry.

Ms Patcharin Somsawan, 29, said she was driving her car downhill and negotiating a bend when the fuel truck slammed into to her from behind before flipping upside down. Patcharin, who was unhurt, suspected the fuel truck might have suffered brake failure. Police in Lampun were investigating to establish the cause of the accident.

Fuel Tanker Explodes in Northeastern Thailand

Fuel Tanker Explodes after Collision in Northeastern Thailand

Last week, a fuel tanker carrying 40,000 liters of fuel crashed into an 18-wheel trailer truck and exploded in flames in northeastern Thailand. The explosion set fire to nearby buildings and vehicles and also injured many people.

The accident happened in Nong Ki district of Buri Ram Province about 12.30am on Thursday.

The collision happened at an intersection on Highway 24 (Chokchai-Det Udom). Both vehicles were engulfed in flames. Part of the tanker’s fuel load spilled out onto the road surface and into the sewer.

The burning fuel flowed into about 10 nearby shops and houses, and set fire to about 20 cars and motorcycles parked on the roadside. Terrified residents, shocked from their sleep, ran for their lives as a series of explosions rocked the area.

As steady rain fell, the burning fuel spread about one kilometer along the road and through the drains. People tried to put it out with tap water, but only spread the flames further.

As the chaos spread, more than 50 fire engines were rushed the scene. Ambulances ferried many injured people to hospital in northeastern Thailand’s Buri Ram.

The road was closed to traffic for a radius of five kilometres. Fire fighters took more than four hours to control the conflagration.

The drivers of both trucks fled their vehicles before the first explosion. They were among the many injured people rushed to hospital. Police said the tanker truck driver confessed he dozed off before the crash.

The oil company had to unload about 30,000 liters of fuel left in the tanker before emergency crews could begin clearing the intersection of the wreckage. Initial estimates put damage at many millions of baht.

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