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Netizens Worldwide Condemn the Killing of 13 Dogs Over Covid

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Netizens Worldwide are sharing their anger on YouTube and Facebook over the killing of 13 pet dogs in Vietnam because officials feared the animals were infected with covid-19.

The owners with their 13 dogs fled Vietnam’s Long An province to return to Ca Mau province in an effort to escape the covid-19 pandemic situation in Long An.

The dog owners arrived at a medical checkpoint in Khanh Hung Vietnam and tested positive for Covid-19. Fearing the dogs also had covid-19 the local healthcare authorities ordered all the dogs destroyed.

News of the animal’s demise set off a firestorm on social media in Vietnam and worldwide. Netizens took to YouTube and Facebook to condemn Vietnam’s health authorities. Saying there was no scientific proof pet dogs or cats can carry the coronavirus, let alone spread it.

Doctor Tuan Nguyen, professor of predictive medicine at the University of Technology Sydney in Australia posted on his Facebook Page “Scientifically, there is no evidence that dogs transmit Covid-19 to humans. Furthermore, the decision to kill the dogs is unscientific.” It is cruel and unethical work he said.”


Images of the dogs on the 300-kilometre journey

The social media uproar comes after Images of the dogs on the 300-kilometre journey had become hugely popular on social media in Vietnam. They follow the pet owners’ struggle to transport their pet on their journey from Long An province to return to Ca Mau province in Vietnam.

The risk of pets spreading COVID-19 to people is extremely low, almost nonexistent. The COVID-19 coronavirus can spread from people to pets in some rare situations, mostly involving close contact.

Do not put masks on pets; masks could harm your pet.

There is no scientific evidence that the virus can spread to people from the skin, fur, or hair of pets. Please don’t wipe or bathe your pet with alcohol disinfectants or other disinfectant products.  Talk to your local veterinarian​ if you have questions about appropriate products for bathing or cleaning your pet if you are concerned about covid-19.

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