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Motorcycle Thief Receives Instant Karma Instead of Money



Motorcycle Thief Receives Instant Karma Instead of Money

A thief who tried to sell a stolen motorcycle received some unexpected karma when he tried to sell the Honda motorcycle to the owner’s family.

The thief ended up in a police station cell instead of walking away with the cash he expected.

Police in Trat province were called to the Leng Thaiyont shop, which sells used motorbikes, in the Muang district on Friday.

When crime suppression police arrived they found shop owner Mr. Chotipong Chaikitsiripan talking with a man trying to sell him a motorbike.

Chotipong stalled the seller by suggesting the bike may be worth 10,000 baht, as he awaited the arrival of the police.

The Honda motorcycle had been reported stolen by the shop owner’s sister-in-law on April 8. A police officer immediately arrested the motorcycle thief.

He was identified as Phanupong Paengcharoen, 29, of Trat province.

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According to police, Mr. Chotipong said he recognized the motorbike immediately. The motorcycle belonged to his sister-in-law and it was also used by other family members who worked at the shop.

On the evening of April 7, it was stolen from outside a mobile phone shop at the Trat Muang district market.

The suspect had not even changed the number plate of the motorbike.

As the police questioned him, Mr. Phanupong said the bike belonged to a friend in Laem Ngob, who told him to sell it, and they would split the cash.

The man was charged with theft and held in custody pending legal action.

Police are still investigating and searching for the alleged friend.

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