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Mike Johnson Won’t Resign As Republican Anger Over Foreign Aid Grows

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Mike Johnson
The speaker of the House, Mike Johnson. Photograph: Michael Reynolds/EPA

(CTN News) – The House speaker, Mike Johnson, resisted Republican calls on Tuesday to step down or risk being impeached over his proposed US aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and other allies.

Despite a testy morning meeting with fellow Republicans at the Capitol, Mike Johnson said he would not resign.

Despite his weakened majority, Mike Johnson indicated that he would push for a US national security aid package, despite his weak self-defense.

Mike Johnson says the motion to oust him was “absurd … not helpful.”

As the embattled speaker, despite the wishes of his majority, tries to marshal the votes needed to pass the stalled national security aid for Israel, Ukraine, and other overseas allies, Tuesday brought a definitive shift in tone from both House Republicans and him.

After meeting with Trump at Mar-a-Lago last week, Johnson appeared bolstered by Trump’s support. According to Mike Johnson, Trump must be re-elected to the White House despite his criminal trial.

During the weekend, the speaker discussed the developing US aid package with Joe Biden. In separate votes, the speaker plans to move Ukraine, Israel, and Asia-Pacific bills. Biden and he discussed it late Monday.

The Senate’s $95bn aid package is broken up to be voted on separately, then put back together for the president’s signature.

In order to pass each measure, Speaker Boehner must build bipartisan majorities. As part of the fourth measure, Mike Johnson is preparing to seize some Russian assets in US banks to fund Ukraine and turn economic aid into loans.

House and Senate Democratic leaders are reserving their comments until they see the actual text of Tuesday’s measure.

However, House Republicans are livid that Johnson is leaving their top priority – increasing border security – on the sidelines. As predicted, Johnson will not be able to vote on the package this week.

During the morning meeting, Republican Debbie Lesko called it an “argument fest”.

While Mike Johnson was “most definitely” losing support for the plan, he appeared undeterred by “what the majority of the conference” wanted.

Rep. Chip Roy, a Texas Republican and a chief sponsor of HR 2, disputed the speaker’s assertion that HR 2 does not belong in the package.

“Things are still very unclear,” Roy said.

“The Republican party wants unity. Just figure it out.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the top Trump ally from Georgia, has filed a motion to oust the speaker in a snap vote, similar to the way Republicans unseated Kevin McCarthy last fall.

In spite of the lack of support she has received after last year’s troubles over McCarthy’s exit, Greene had at least one key supporter on Tuesday.

Massie cited Boehner’s example of resigning early rather than risk a vote against him in 2015 as a reason for Johnson’s resignation. In 2015, Republican Speaker of the House Boehner announced his resignation.

GOP lawmakers in the room report that Johnson failed to respond, but said lawmakers had a “binary” option.

A discharge petition from Democrats would force a vote on their preferred package – the Senate-approved measure – if they tried to pass the package as he proposed. It would, however, leave behind the extra Republican priorities.


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