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Massive Wave Hit On Durban Beach In South Africa Kills 3, Injures 17



Massive Wave Hit On Durban Beach In South Africa Kills 3, Injures 17

(CTN NEWS) – JOHANNESBURG –  On Sunday, three persons were found dead at a Durban Beach in the coastal city of Durban, South Africa, after being struck by a huge wave.

According to a statement sent by a spokeswoman on Sunday night, the emergency medical services “responded to reports of a freak wave that washed a group of beachgoers into the pier inflicting several injuries” at North Durban Beach.

Dlungele continued, “Unfortunately, three persons, including a teenager, were declared dead at the site.

After being hurt by the wave that hit at around 5 p.m., at least 17 other people were also taken to various medical institutions for treatment.

According to the municipality, more than 35 lifeguards helped with the rescue attempts and treated more than 100 persons harmed by the enormous wave.

Nomusa Dube-Ncube, the premier of KwaZulu-Natal, has demanded a thorough investigation and will ascertain whether any safety precautions were taken, according to Lennox Mabaso, a spokesperson for her.

“The incidents’ specifics are still vague. However, it’s thought that a freak wave caused several swimmers to become distressed and sadly perish.

Mabaso told the newspaper, “There are reports of seventeen other injuries.”

Massive Wave Hit On Durban Beach In South Africa Kills 3, Injures 17

KZN emergency medical services responded to reports of a freak wave in which three people were reported to have drowned.
PHOTO: Twitter/@njabulodlungele

The prime minister has demanded a thorough probe into this horrible event. This will entail gathering information on all safety precautions.

In this time of loss and sadness for our province, Dube-Ncube has ordered that assistance be prioritized for all affected families.

Around the holiday season, Durban’s beaches are typically bustling with local and foreign visitors.

According to local media sites, Durban’s beaches are also getting ready for a surge in tourists for the next Christmas holidays.

After years in which Covid-19 lockdowns and safeguards caused tourism in Durban to decline, this year’s holiday season is anticipated to draw many tourists anxious to visit Durban Beach again.

Following severe floods in some areas of the KwaZulu-Natal province earlier this year, the port city on South Africa’s eastern Indian Ocean coast has been progressively restoring its beaches after several were blocked due to high E. coli.



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