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Students in Thailand Win Court Battle Over 2018 Hijab Ban

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Students in Thailand Win Court Battle Over 2018 Hijab Ban

Muslim parents in the southern border province of Yala have won an Administrative Court ruling against an unfair rule preventing their children from wearing their hijab headscarves in school.

The Administrative court ruling came as a hard-fought victory after four years of legal battles.

One of the Muslim parents, Issara Ratthakaran, said the court’s decision sends a message to Muslim communities that they are within their rights to dress according to their faith.

Regulations in schools cannot discriminate against Islam or the clothing that respects the religious beliefs of a student or their family.

Another parent, who asked to remain anonymous, began to cry when she heard the court ruling. “We are overjoyed to hear the court deliver the ruling,” she said. “This is the conclusion we have all been waiting for”.

The Anuban Pattani School, located in central Pattani, cited a regulation banning three girls from wearing the hijab at school in May 2018.

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School officials invited the girls’ parents to the school where the regulations were explained to them.

Students are not permitted to wear religious Islam attire as part of their school uniform since the school is located on the same property as Wat Noppawongsaram temple.

School officials told parents that all other students and parents knew about the policy and complied with it without complaint.

The students continued to wear their hijabs to class and received demerits as a result.

In response, about 20 Muslim parents challenged the validity of the regulation in the Administrative Court. After that, the court issued an injunction temporarily waiving the hijab ban pending the outcome of the case.

The Administrative Court ruled that the constitution protects people’s rights and religious freedoms. Under the charter, no regulation or law can curtail these rights, freedoms, or the human dignity of an individual.

The court said the constitution extends to the practice of religion and participation in religious rites and ceremonies. However, such actions must not undermine people’s duty as citizens or endanger the state’s security.

A court ruled that the school had no right to impose the hijab ban on students. Also, the court ordered the removal of the regulation and demerits given to the students for flouting the now banned regulation.

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