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Grab Food Commences “Contactless Thai Food Delivery”

Grab food customers can be assured that every step of Thai food preparation in all partner Thai restaurants is safe and clean.

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Grab Food has introduced “contactless delivery” to ensure the health of customers, drivers and merchant partners during the Covid-19 crisis.

Its merchant partners have also elevated safety guidelines in Thai food preparation and packaging. Customers are advised to make payments via GrabPay to reduce the transmission risk.

“Grab Food has been closely monitoring the covid-19 situation. We prepared necessary measures to promote safety standards for everyone involved,” said Tarin Thaniyavarn of Grab Food Thailand.

Contactless delivery is starting on Friday (March 20). Drivers will be wearing hygienic masks as they follow the customer’s directions via an in-app chat as to where to place their Thai food order. They’ll then let the customer know when they arrive with their Thai food. They will place the Thai food order where wanted and wait for the customer to pick it up. Both parties should maintain a two-meter distance, the Nation reports.

If cashless payment isn’t possible, the customer are to place the cash in an envelope. Then put it where the Thai food order was placed.

Grab food customers can be assured that every step of Thai food preparation in all partner Thai restaurants is safe and clean.

Services  like Grab Food growing in Thailand

While Thai food ordering, along with other mobile app services like ride sharing, are rapidly becoming popular. They still only makes up a small fraction of the market compared with more old-fashioned methods.

According to research firm Euro monitor International, online Thai food deliveries in Thailand only make up US$63 million of a total $937 million delivery market. Meaning Thais are still much likelier to pick up a phone and dial a Thai food restaurant if they want food delivered.

Even so, online delivery had a 29% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the past five years.

Consumers in Bangkok have easy access to a wide range of dining options and may not find Thai food delivery necessary. However, if food delivery players are able to develop predictive algorithms; to reduce delivery time and target time-stressed consumers; food delivery will gain greater traction.

As busy consumers place greater value on convenience, they will be willing to pay for their thai food delivery services. Especially rather than being caught in a traffic jam in Bangkok.

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