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Game Account was Hacked! What’s Actually Behind it

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We are devoting a very special topic to today’s contribution. Since this is a post specially researched by us in which a large publisher is involved, we have decided not to name the names of games and websites. We would like to give you a cause of “hacked Game Accounts” that has far-reaching consequences and goes far beyond legal legality. In addition, we speak of a hypothetical assumption in this article.

My Game Account has been hacked! I can’t get in!

Not many will have come into this situation. But almost everyone knows it. If a call for help is started in the forum of the respective game by a helpless player and reports that his red dead redemption 2 online modded account has been hacked. Hardly anyone will not be afraid of it if you suffer exactly the same fate. Hard-worked items, armor, multiple characters at maximum level. Thus, several years of playing time are gone.

Whether in World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14, EvE Online or even your own Steam account. It is one of the worst nightmares for the player. Because often you have no choice but to go to the support system. However, since most support systems of large publishers are often only accessible with access data, you have to rely on the next best support email and hope that an answer will come very soon. And it often takes a lot of time.

Understandably, one wonders: Why can’t they make sure that my Game Account is secured? I didn’t do anything wrong! My password is absolutely secure! However, few people know that there could be an industry behind it that specializes in hijacking accounts on regular ways of players. We now want to explain this to you in detail.

Hacked Game Accounts – is only a small part

While working for one of the largest German publishers for Free2Play games, we very often came into contact with technical concerns of other users. Sometimes it’s about the game not starting on its system. Sometimes someone wants to show a player who uses or insults cheat tools. In all the inquiries that came in with us at the time, a very small part of them were special cases. These were cases in which the user reports that his Game Account has been hacked. It is not for nothing that the email address set up for this was named hacking.

In any case, the process was clearly regulated: User reports – verifies himself (at this point I personally cannot go into more detail here) – and has his account back. If the internal systems allow this, items were replaced (unfortunately, as an F2P publisher, there were only limited possibilities to access in-game systems. As an F2P publisher, you are absolutely dependent on the installation of scripts and fixes of the developer, which are often based in Korea or China – communication and waiting time accordingly, of course).

Over this period, these so-called “hacked accounts” were analyzed in more detail. How could it happen that these accounts were hacked at all? Are our systems not secure? Well, most will imagine a steel door in which the evil crooks break open the door with crowbars and get into the game accounts. That the whole thing doesn’t work so easily and security mechanisms exist is self-explanatory. During our analyses, we also noticed that none of the reported accounts have such “behavioral abnormalities” that would be typical (keyword: brute force, the quick trial of several strings in the password using a program). In fact, no account could be found to have been hijacked in this way.

Since the game for which we were generally responsible appealed to a young target group, it should quickly be clear that one or the other thinks that you can enter your account data in any website and you will receive in-game money. So it would be great if you could find a website that promises that 200 euros of credit will be credited to Steam immediately with the condition of entering your Game Account details. Of course, enough people fall for something like this and nowadays most should be enlightened enough not to visit or even open such websites. However, since Fortnite attracts a lot of young players, there should also be a small quota here, which falls for something like that.

But what does this have to do with the lost WoW or FF14 account? For an enlightened person, it testifies to common sense not to fall for such a thing. Or is it? The secret lies not in this rather obvious scam – but in services for your Game Account, which are offered by reputable dealers.


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