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Pope Francis Blesses and Donates Ambulance en Route To Lviv



Pope Francis Blesses And Donates Ambulance On The Way To Lviv

According to the Holy See press office, an ambulance that was donated and blessed by Pope Francis is on its way to Lviv, a city in the western Ukrainian region.

In response to the city’s dire situation, the papal almoner, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, left on Saturday afternoon for Lviv and is expected to make the 18-hour trip for the purpose of transferring the vehicle to the city’s authorities. Throughout the past few months, a stream of internally displaced Ukrainians has been arriving in Lviv from the east.

During a papal audience, the Holy Father strongly condemned countries for increasing military spending as Russia’s military offensive continues in Ukraine, calling it “madness.”

Speaking to the Italian Women’s Center in Rome, Pope Francis said the “shameful” conflict in Ukraine is due to the “old logic of power that has still dominated the so-called geopolitics” for centuries.

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelsenky reportedly appealed to Pope Francis to visit the country on Wednesday, thanking Pope Francis for his “clear and strong position against war” in a speech Tuesday, which was posted to the Ukrainian government’s Facebook page.

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