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Four Chimpanzees Shot After Escaping Swedish Zoo

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Four Chimpanzees Shot After Escaping Swedish Zoo

(CTN News) – Four chimpanzees were shot after escaping a Swedish amusement park in a spectacle that will horrify animal lovers everywhere. As a consequence, three of the chimpanzees passed away.

On Wednesday, five chimpanzees broke out of their cage at Furuviksparken, an amusement park outside Gävle in eastern Sweden, sparking the situation.

The park started using drones to seek out the animals. The park said they did not have enough tranquilizers to sedate every chimpanzee, so four were shot.

According to Annika Troselius, a press representative at Furuviksparken, the occurrence was tragic.

“We had veterinarians on the site, but they determined we lacked sufficient anesthetic. We requested the marksmen for this reason. In every aspect, this entire scenario is sad. We accept full responsibility.

“We must take great care to ensure that the final chimpanzees are truly in the cage.

Why were the chimpanzees euthanized?


“Chimpanzees are powerful primates with a high danger rating. Our employees are not permitted to be close to them at work.

One of the chimpanzees shot was just injured and is now inside the cage, while the fifth chimpanzee that fled was unhurt and returned to the enclosure on its own. The three surviving chimpanzees stayed within the pen the whole time.

According to reports, Furuviksparken is the sole primate research facility in the Nordic area and includes seven chimpanzees.

It is now closed for the season. A statement said that although it did not know how the animals had fled, it would look into it.

A few days had passed since another unfortunate animal situation before the news broke.

After traveling 3,000 kilometers, a humpback whale with a shattered spine exceeded all expectations by swimming the breaststroke.

According to experts, the whale, known as Moon, was discovered off the coast of British Columbia with a curved lower body that was likely the result of being struck by a boat.

But the whale persisted, swimming 3,000 miles in the breaststroke to finish its yearly journey to warmer seas.

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