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Tech Talent in Thailand Expected to be in Great Demand in 2022



Tech Talent in Thailand Expected

According to a Robert Walters Thailand poll, as the digital revolution touches all businesses, there will be a shortage of qualified tech workers for employment in 2022.

Punyanuch Sirisawadwattana, national manager at Robert Walters Thailand, said that digital transformation would not only generate positions in the tech business but also in other industries that need similar skills and abilities to operate firms.

Salary Survey 23rd edition has been issued by a worldwide recruiting expert firm with regional operations in Southeast Asia. When it comes to salary and recruiting trends, a poll was done in late 2021. This year’s annual report provides forecasts for Thailand’s employment market for the next year and a half.

According to Ms Punyanuch, the lack of qualified personnel would not deter corporations from moving to Thailand since it is a regional problem.

In her words, “organizations will discover the best approach to recruit the greatest personnel by leveraging rewards and their culture”.

According to Ms Punyanuch, the labour scarcity in Thailand will have little impact on Thai companies’ efforts to undergo a digital transformation, since these companies have realized that digital transformation is the way of the future for work.

Perks to Obtain Tech Workers

Digital transformation is expected to increase demand for a variety of positions in the next year, according to the results of this poll. The need for workers with expertise in 5G rollouts, data analytics, and blockchain, for example, will grow, according to her.

According to Ms Punyanuch, job seekers with technical skills will be in great demand, and firms will be forced to change compensation and perks in order to obtain workers with a limited talent pool in technology, automation, and analytics.

It is also worth noting that with more people working from home and more people looking for jobs related to digital technology, the recruiting market is expected to shift in 2022, according to a poll.

According to Robert Walters, job seekers may expect to earn raises of 10-30% in their take-home pay by 2022.

Positions with the potential for remote work will attract foreign applicants who do not need to move to Thailand, even if the need for local talent is strong.

According to the results of the poll, candidates’ need for flexible, hybrid work patterns and comprehensive healthcare plans would grow.

According to Ms Punyanuch, businesses would place a higher priority on applicants’ capacity to adapt to rapidly changing settings and their proactive attitude to learning.

Despite Covid-19 Pandemics, Demand Continues To Increase

As a result of the present epidemic, Experis Thailand, a part of ManpowerGroup, has completed a survey of the IT industry and associated IT jobs that are in high demand. There are several elements to consider while embarking on a digital transformation, such as the fast evolution of technology in high-demand industries.

IT workers may expect to earn anything from 15,000 to 650,000 Baht a month, depending on their level of education and expertise. In order to satisfy the demands of companies and alleviate the issue of a national shortage in tech talent, relevant organizations are urged to work together to create labour.

COVID-19 spread and the ongoing global economic slump have both had a significant impact on the present labour environment, according to ManpowerGroup Regional Manager for Thailand, Vietnam, and the Middle East, Mr Simon Matthews.

According to Experis Thailand’s “IT labour market outlook 2021” report, which is based on the company’s most recent data, IT jobs are in high demand and in short supply. It is clear from the poll that there is a significant demand for particular IT jobs, and that this need is increasing year after year. The need for IT workers is expected to rise significantly over the next five to ten years, despite the lack of available IT expertise on the market.

Scarcity of Tech Workers

For the second time, the business sector is aiming for digital transformation in order to provide a better customer experience and support their changing behaviour in the digital age.

Insurance, communication, retail, energy, human resources, education, and manufacturing are all following banking and financial services in adopting mobile apps for their tech services and transactions. e-commerce, logistics, and delivery businesses have grown rapidly in recent years and have had a significant impact on the development of many other company sectors.

Both in Thailand and throughout the world, there will be a scarcity of IT workers due to a lack of supply. The whole digital economy in Thailand is predicted to rise by 61% of GDP by 2022, leading to an increase in the employment of IT people, according to a market study conducted over a five-year period between 2018 and 2022. Over 2 million IT jobs are predicted to go unfilled in 2023, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).

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