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Flooding From Fierce Rains Leave One Dead, 10 Missing in Australia



Flooding from Heavy Rains Leave One Dead, 10 Missing in Australia

In eastern Australia, one person was found dead in a submerged car and 10 others are feared missing after heavy rain caused flash flooding and triggered a string of emergency warnings.

Just after 8 am on Wednesday, the 63-year-old’s body was found in the vehicle near Skyring Creek at Belli Park, west of Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast.

At about 4.45 am, emergency services received a report of a submerged SUV. Due to rising floodwaters, they were initially unable to reach the vehicle. The woman was the only occupant of the Honda CRV.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the discovery of the body calling the incident a “tragedy”.

The last 24 hours have seen almost half a metre of rainfall on some parts of her state, causing multiple road closures and transport chaos.

Swift-water rescue crews have been dispatched to help dozens of stranded residents after emergency services received more than a hundred calls for assistance.

Over a hundred calls have been received by emergency services, and swift-water rescue crews have been dispatched to rescue dozens of stranded residents.

Palaszczuk said there is the potential for a significant rainfall event in southeast Queensland.

Near Gympie, a freight train overturned, leaving the driver with minor injuries.

Ten other people were reported missing by Sunshine Coast Police District Superintendent Craig Hawkins, according to local media.

Motorists warned about flooding in Southeastern Australia

At 5 PM Australia time, in Queensland, fifteen dams are full and it is expected to rain more in the coming days.

In the coming days, there is an increased risk of dangerous and life-threatening flash flooding in many catchments, according to Palaszczuk.

Motorists were advised not to drive through flooded roads and to stay at home. Many locals are upset as they have spent months at home during the Australia lockdown.

Police told residents to reconsider their plans to travel today due to flash flooding on roads and bridges.

New South Wales has also been pelted by heavy rain, with parts of Sydney briefly submerged Tuesday.

Due to a La Nina weather pattern, Australia’s east has experienced extraordinarily wet weather after years of drought and bushfires sparked by alleged climate change.

According to Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology, La Nina increases the likelihood of tropical cyclones off its Pacific coast.

La Niña is a complex weather pattern that occurs every few years. It’s caused by changes in ocean temperatures in the Pacific Ocean’s equatorial band.

The phenomenon occurs when strong winds push warm water from South America across the Pacific Ocean to Australia.

Heat moving over a quarter of the planet, and especially in the form of temperatures at the ocean surface, can have a significant impact on weather everywhere.

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