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Reddit blackout: Why are Thousands of Subreddits Going Dark?



Reddit blackout Why are Thousands of Subreddits Going Dark

(CTN News) – Reddit, a popular social media platform known as “the front page of the internet,” faces a significant protest as thousands of subreddits have gone private for 48 hours.

The protest stems from Reddit’s controversial introduction of charges for developers of third-party apps that allow users to browse the site.

With over 7,000 subreddits participating, including some of the largest communities such as r/gaming, r/aww, r/Music, r/todayilearned, and r/pics, which collectively have over 30 million members, the protest aims to demonstrate the collective strength of moderators and users against the changes.

The Protest and Its Motivations:

Reddit relies heavily on community moderation, with unpaid moderators dedicating their time to ensure the functionality and integrity of subreddits.

However, Reddit recently announced charges for developers accessing its Application Programming Interface (API), leading to widespread criticism.

The developers of popular third-party apps, including Apollo, Reddit is Fun, Sync, and ReddPlanet, have announced their shutdowns due to the new API pricing.

Critics argue that the charges are excessive, while Reddit maintains the need for fair compensation to cover hosting costs.

The Role of Moderators and Community Support:

The blackout emphasizes moderators’ vital role in keeping Reddit operational. Volunteers who dedicate their time to moderation without financial compensation feel that their efforts are underappreciated and that Reddit’s changes are unfavorable.

By making their communities private or restricting posting, moderators intend to message Reddit administrators and draw attention to their grievances.

The support from the community against these changes is significant, as users understand the value of effective moderation and the potential negative impact of the proposed alterations.

The Future of the Protest and Reddit’s Response:

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The blackout duration varies among communities, with some considering an indefinite blackout until Reddit reverses its policy. Moderators and Reddit administrators have engaged in discussions, but there are concerns that the changes will not be reversed.

While Reddit CEO Steve Huffman acknowledges the need for an open and accessible platform, he stresses the necessity of a self-sustaining business model.

However, the ongoing protest and the subreddits’ collective power could influence Reddit’s decision-making process.


The protest by thousands of Reddit communities, resulting in a widespread blackout, highlights the significance of community moderation and the discontent among moderators and users regarding the changes in Reddit’s API pricing.

The solidarity demonstrated by subreddits, including some of the largest and most influential communities on the platform, underscores the importance of their role in maintaining a vibrant and engaging user experience.

The outcome of this protest remains uncertain, but it serves as a reminder of the intricate dynamics between platform administrators, moderators, and users in shaping the future of online communities.

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