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Elderly Man’s Road Accident Death Staged, Son Arrested for Murder

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Elderly Man's Road Accident Death Staged, Son Arrested for Murder

The body of an elderly man has been found by the roadside with head injuries and stab wounds to the neck in northeastern Thailand. The discovery of the body was reported around 5 am on Wednesday.

He was later identified as Mr. Khamao Sophian, 75, a resident of Buri Ram.

Police said that the elderly man was found lying face-up on a pushcart with his legs hanging down. Next to it was a motorcycle that had fallen.

Police initially thought it was an accident scene. However, police now suspect the accident scene was staged and the man was murdered.

Police stated that upon an examination of the body, the doctor determined that the man had been hit with a blunt object, causing a severe injury to the head.

The elderly man’s body also had multiple knife wounds to his face and he had two stab wounds to the back of his neck.

Police believe the elderly man was killed elsewhere and his body was left on the road to make it look like an accident. His body was taken to Prakhon Chai Hospital in Buri Ram for a postmortem examination.

Burned mattress found

Police investigators later inspected the elderly man’s home and found what looked like dried blood on the ground near the house. There were also scuff marks like something had been dragged over the ground.

Police also discovered a partially burned mattress behind the house. They also found two sharp, pointed knives inside the house, but there were no blood stains on them.

There are also traces of blood on the road in front of the house and along the road from the house to the place where the body was found, about five kilometers away. As a result, it seems that the man was murdered at the house, and then his body was transported to the accident scene.

A police investigation led to the arrest of Chatchawan Sophian, 28, the dead elderly man’s fifth son. Mr. Chatchawan shared the house with his father. The other 4 sons live elsewhere.

When questioned, Mr. Chatchawan denied killing or assaulting his father. During the early hours of Wednesday morning, he said, his father dragged the mattress behind the house and set it ablaze.

Son fought with father

His father instructed him to keep an eye on the burning mattress in case the fire spread to the house. He then left on a motorcycle.

Mr. Chatchawan said he did not know where his father was until the police came to his house and said he was dead. His son insisted he hadn’t killed his father.

However, police investigators did not believe he was telling the truth.

They were about to take Mr. Chatchawan to the police station for further questioning when Khamao’s eldest son, Veerawat Sophian, 50, arrived at the house and immediately began angrily punching his young brother.

Mr. Veerawat told Buri Ram police that he suspected his younger brother had killed his elderly father and that they had frequent quarrels.

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