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An Earthquake Rocks Northern California’s Plumas County

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An Earthquake Rocks Northern California's Plumas County

(CTN News) – There was a moderate 5.5 magnitude earthquake reported Thursday afternoon and felt throughout Northern California, according to the Southern California Earthquake Data Center.

A rumbling was even reported as far south as the Stockton area, where reports of rumbling were heard. In Plumas County, the epicenter of the earthquake hit at a time of 4:19 p.m.

It was located about 9 miles southeast of Chester, near Lake Almanor in Plumas County, and was reported about 9 miles southeast of Chester.

Local residents of Chester said they felt the quake and some aftershocks, but had not heard of any reports of damage to their homes or businesses as a result.

As of this writing, the earthquake center has reported eight aftershocks in the area, ranging from magnitudes of 2.3 to 3.0.

According to Kevin Johnson, a realtor with Chase International Realty in Chester, he felt the quake as soon as it hit the ground.

“I was in my house at the time of the shaking and I was able to shake my house quite a bit but fortunately there was no damage done. It appears everything around the lake (Lake Almanor) seems to be alright, but everybody seemed a little frayed,” Johnson said.

It has been a while since there has been a significant quake in the Chester area, according to him.

“We had one similar incident seven years ago, and some chimneys fell down, but I have not received any reports from clients about any damage or problems,” Johnson said.

As well as owned Chester Tactical Sports in Chester, Ken Anthony, who owns Chester Tactical Sports, said he was also at home when the earthquake struck.

Despite being a former resident of Southern California, he said he wasn’t terribly impressed with the effects of the earthquake.

In Anthony’s words, “it was a slider. That’s what we call it because it just kind of shifted back and forth back and forth without anything violent happening.”.

He told me that he had been drinking coffee when the shaking started and that it lasted for about five seconds. Despite not taking shelter under a table or doorway, his dogs ran outside and started barking as soon as they heard the rain, he said.

Despite the quake, Chester Fire Department officials say they have not received any calls for service since the quake struck, a spokesperson for the department said. According to him, the earthquake did not affect him at all.

Does Northern California have earthquakes?

The Cascadia Subduction Zone stretches underneath the Humboldt-Del Norte county region, extending from Cape Mendocino all the way up through the Pacific Northwest. This fault zone is capable of generating a magnitude 9 (or larger) earthquake on average every 500 years. The last such event was in 1700.


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