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U.S. FDA Weighs Regulating Cannabis Compound CBD in Food, Supplements



U.S. FDA Weighs Regulating Cannabis Compound CBD in Food, Supplements

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, citing FDA sources, that the government intends to provide suggestions on controlling the use of the well-known cannabis ingredient CBD in foods and supplements.

The FDA will determine within months how to govern legal Marijuana and if it would need new agency regulations or new legislation from Congress after assessing the information about the compound’s safety, according to the article.

Following the revelation, shares of cannabis businesses with U.S. exchange listings fell between 5% and 9% in afternoon trading.

Cannabis is the source of the non-psychoactive chemical known as cannabidiol or CBD.

Although certain states permit its usage, cannabis products are banned at the federal level in the United States, except Epidiolex from Jazz Pharmaceuticals Plc (JAZZ.O).

In light of worries about potential infertility, the FDA office in charge of creating the agency’s cannabis policy, led by Patrick Cournoyer, wants to know whether CBD can be used regularly or safely during pregnancy.

When prompted for a response, the FDA linked Reuters to a press release from the previous year, which said that the organization was working to enhance the regulatory framework for the permissible marketing of some cannabis and Marijuana-derived products.

According to Mr. Birenbaum, the organization also works to inform the public about cannabis’ possible negative effects on health and the wide range in product quality.

According to him, the safety profiles associated with these goods “are not what people are often used to and not what they receive from other products when they walk into a health shop, grocery store, or even a petrol station.”

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