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Bill Committee Removes the Section About Cannabis Not Being a Narcotic



Bill Committee Removes the Section About Cannabis Not Being a Narcotic

(CTN News) – Cannabis and hemp are not classified as narcotics under the Narcotics Act, according to Section 3 of the draught bill that is now being discussed in government.

It caused controversy and hinted at the prospect of changing the status of cannabis in Thailand when the House committee reviewing the measure decided to delete that clause.

Cannabis has been legal since June, but there have never been any clear laws. The administration has discussed a draught measure that would clarify what is and is not now permitted in the country.

Pro-cannabis legislators claim that removing the language from the bill that states clearly that cannabis is not a drug would not have any impact on the herb’s decriminalization, even though it may seem startling at first.

The Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine backed the Bhumjaithai Party by recommending that people not worry about the legality of cannabis.

The Bhumjaithai Party lobbied for legalization and sponsored the bill. The goal of the law, according to the head of the panel debating it, is to restrict the unrestrained recreational use of the substance in light of potential harm to Thai society.

The cannabis law was discussed again at the meeting yesterday, but it was adjourned without a vote being taken. Since September, the draught, which initially included 45 parts, has grown to 95 sections.

The measure contains provisions to restrict access for youngsters, impose fines for violating the restrictions, and limit home cultivation of cannabis to only 15 plants.

In examining the measured piece by section, the committee decided to strike Section 3, which says clearly that cannabis is not a narcotic under the law.

Supporters of marijuana said that leaving it out was a concession. If the present law is defeated, future administrations could enact stricter restrictions.

Bhumjaithai Party members declined to comment on whether cannabis will be classed as a narcotic, claiming that the committee has no power over that.

“The party will use the measure to campaign for the next election if the legislature does not approve it.

We want to work hard to get it passed. To help the electorate decide which party to support, any party that wants to reinstate marijuana as a controlled substance should also state its position.

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