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Can You Take Protein Powder Without Exercising?

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Can You Take Protein Powder Without Exercising?

If you’re planning to purchase protein powder to reap its health benefits, the first thing you need to consider is whey. Many people don’t know the advantages of why protein powders. You can search on the internet and almost every website will tell how much whey protein powders are extremely effective. This way you can quickly decide whether the whey protein powders will be beneficial for your fitness goals.

However, people ask many questions before purchasing the protein powders such as what is the general quantity to consume, what will be the workout requirement while consuming protein powders, and whether it’s safe to consume protein powders even if you’re not exercising.

This is why you need to know certain facts. Even though you can consume whey protein powders even if you don’t lift the weight, continue reading this article as we discuss this topic thoroughly.

Is It Safe to Take Whey Protein Powders Without Exercising?

Protein is one of the most essential micronutrients of the body. Apart from helping people to gain muscle, many people also use protein powders for their weight loss journey. If you want to avoid carbs or fats, you need to consider protein. Fewer calories don’t mean a proper workout for many people.

Therefore, if you ask whether you should take protein powder while building lean muscle, the answer is yes. But the answer will be slightly different when you ask whether it’s beneficial to take protein powder without exercising. As per Mayo Clinic, exercising improves mood.

Even though the answer is debatable, you can undoubtedly take protein powders even if you’re not focusing on building a great physique.

Can You Take Protein Powder Without Exercising?

Even though you can consume protein powders all the time, you need to keep an eye on the level of their consumption. If your body is capable of digesting the protein powders, then your first barrier is over. But you need to know about the proper quantity. Just because you’re taking whey protein powders for your weight loss doesn’t mean you need to overdose on them.

For instance, a person over 70 kg needs an average of 90 grams of protein each day. It doesn’t matter if you consume protein from food sources or supplements. However, if you’re purchasing protein supplements, it’s best if you try the protein powder samples first.

Even though the protein powders are safe, your body will need time to adapt to the supplements. Therefore, it’s suggested not to ignore the sample packs. This way you can determine which protein powder is perfect for your body.

How Much Whey Protein You Need to Take While You Are Not Exercising 

While determining the exact amount of whey protein powders when you’re not exercising, you need to remember two perspectives: whey protein while exercising and whey protein while not exercising.

Whey protein powders are digestible and are a great replacement for protein-rich foods. If you eat a protein-rich diet, consider replacing one or two meals with whey protein powders. If you exercise, you need to consume two scoops of protein powder every day. However, 1 scoop of protein powder will be sufficient if you don’t exercise.


Taking whey protein powders without exercising is undoubtedly a healthy option. However, make sure you don’t cross your limits. This way you can enjoy the benefits of whey properly.

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