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Baby Elephant Caught in Snare Trap Rescued by Park Rangers

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Baby Elephant Caught in Snare Trap. Park Rangers

Park rangers in eastern Thailand’s Chanthaburi province rescued a baby elephant injured after falling into a snare trap. Snares are anchored cable, wire or rope nooses set to catch wild animals.

The baby elephant was spotted in a snare trap by villagers in Khao Sip Ha Chan National Park in Kaeng Hang Maeo district in Chanthaburi. Park rangers and veterinarians from the Protected Areas Regional Office 2 moved in to save its life.

Ruamsilp Manajongprasert, directing park ranger of the office, said he mobilised park rangers and rescuers to help the baby bull elephant, aged around three months.

The little elephant had been tangled up inside a snare trap set up by wildlife poachers.

The baby elephant was moved to a park ranger station to receive treatment from veterinarians and have the rope disentangled from his feet.

A day of extra care was given to the animal before it was released back into the wild due to wounds caused by thorns in the trap.

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On its Facebook account, the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation commented that snare traps made with simple tools pose a deadly threat to wildlife. This is because animals struggling to escape often end up tightening the traps and wounding themselves further.

Park rangers have been also deployed across the country to monitor and curtail the use of these life-threatening traps that are commonly found in conservation areas.

Meanwhile, police report a 54-year-old man died after being stomped to death by a wild elephant in Chanthaburi, the fifth such death this month.

According to Pol Capt Kritsakorn Kamolphob, deputy inspector in Khaeng Hang Maew police, the incident took place near the Klong Hang Maew catchment project.

According to police, the man was repeatedly stomped by the elephant, his body was sent for an autopsy. Wild elephants were also seen roaming around the site.

Due to the deaths of five villagers by wild elephants this month, the province is now also warning people to stay away from the animals because it is now the mating season. This often causes their behaviour to become erratic.

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