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The Apple Photos App Has 5 Features You Should Check Out



The Apple Photos App Has 5 Features You Should Check Out

(CTN News) – Apple’s Photos app lets you manage and tweak your photos in a variety of ways that might not be obvious at first.

It’s probably a mess if you’ve got tens of thousands of Photos App like I do. Then you could spend hours tweaking settings and sorting images into albums. To make things easier, Apple offers some features.

My top tips for taking photos are already up. Here are my top five tips for managing and manipulating your photos using Apple’s Photos app.

Here are 5 things you need to know about Photos App

Here’s a video showing them all:

Start by tagging your friends’ faces

In my pictures, I love tagging faces. You can find awesome pictures of people you know so much easier if your phone knows their names.

You can do this in the Photos app on a Mac, but I’ll also include instructions for iPhone.

Open Photos on your Mac and click the People album. There are probably a few different faces pre-populated. At the bottom, click + Name; type in your name. Try to match it to a contact.

Go to Albums > People in Photos on an iPhone. At the top, type in a name after tapping on a face.

Click “Confirm Additional Photos” (or scroll down). You’ll have it scan your photo library for pictures it thinks are the same.

You can turn on labels for faces in a picture by clicking View > Show Face Names. Tag faces as you go through your library this way.

Swipe up on an iPhone picture and you’ll see tiny faces. Give them a name by tapping on them.

Smarter search is No. 2

Having tagged these faces makes it easy to find photos of them later, as I alluded to. In addition to combining the date and location, you can search by business name, event, people, and text inside the photo.

I can, for example, search california,2022,griffin,tim to bring up the picture above that is definitely not edited.

The third tip is to copy and paste your edited photos

Let’s say you take a bunch of pictures with your iPhone on a big photo shoot. There are about a dozen pictures with roughly the same lighting conditions and subject. When you want to tweak or color-correct these photos, you might think you need to manually tweak them all – but you don’t.

To achieve the same effect, edit one photo, then copy and paste it to another.

Choose any photo from the Photos app. Tap Edit to make any number of adjustments, including brightness, saturation, cropping, and noise reduction. When you finish editing, select Copy Edits in the top-right before clicking Done.

You can then swipe to the next photo in your library, tap the same button, and choose Paste Edits. It is even possible to apply these edits to a large number of selected pictures at once.

Even if you plan to touch these up individually in Photoshop later, this is a great way to shorten the editing process.

4: Add effects to Live Photos App

Every photo has a Live Photo, which captures a small clip of video around it. Animations bring life to family photos and candid shots. My dog as a puppy doesn’t make the best picture to hang on the wall, but when you can see the Live Photo of him running and wiggling, it makes the moment special in a way that can only be achieved through digital technology.

With three built-in effects, you can transform Live Photos into something really cool: Loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure. Just tap the Live button in the upper-left corner of one of your Life Photos and select the effect you want.


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