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Alaska Airlines’ Door Panel Blew Out Mid-Flight, DOJ Opens Investigation

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Alaska Airlines' Door Panel Blew Out Mid-Flight, DOJ Opens Investigation

(CTN News) – It has been reported that the Justice Department has begun an investigation into Alaska Airlines’ incident where a door panel blew out mid-flight two months ago, The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday. During the flight, one of the door panels blew out.

The newspaper reports that investigators contacted passengers, pilots, and flight attendants from Flight 1282 on January 5 after obtaining documents and speaking with people familiar with the case. Also, a newspaper report says that investigators spoke with passengers and pilots.

During midair, one of the wing sections of the plane ripped off. The crew was forced to make an emergency landing after the plane ripped off in the middle of the flight, and the plane was now headed for Ontario, California from Portland, Oregon, when it was in the middle of the flight.

Various sources have stated that the investigation will assist the DOJ in determining whether Boeing has adhered to an agreement reached as a result of the federal investigation into two fatal crashes of Boeing 737 Max aircraft that occurred in 2018 and 2019, and reported in the Wall Street Journal.

Alaska Airlines spokesperson said that its normal for the DOJ to be investigating an incident such as this when it occurs, according to the spokesperson. It is our intention to cooperate fully with the investigation and we do not believe we are being targeted by the investigation.” 

In response to a request for comment made, Boeing and the DOJ did not respond immediately.

Several Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft owned by Alaska Airlines have resumed regular service after being grounded for inspections for an extended period of time.

As a result of the explosion, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines have canceled thousands of flights as a result of the incident that occurred in January.

It’s been reported that three passengers filed a lawsuit against Boeing and Alaska Airlines for $1 billion in damages, accusing Boeing and Alaska Airlines of negligence for allegedly ignoring warning signs before the accident.

It was estimated earlier this week that Alaska Airlines would be forced to spend $150 million due to the weekslong grounding of Boeing 737 Max 9.


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