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Despite Epic Feud, Apple Allows Fortnite To Return To The EU

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Despite Epic Feud, Apple Allows Fortnite To Return To The EU

(CTN News) – After being pressured by European regulators, Apple on Friday agreed to let Epic Games put its own game store on iPhones and iPads in Europe.

In response to Epic’s violation in-app payment rules in 2020, Earlier this week blocked Epic from opening an app store and bringing back Fortnite.

Earlier this week, the European Union imposed a deadline for Big Tech companies to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA), a set of rules that prevent and Google from controlling which apps are distributed on iOS and Android devices. Apple’s decision to open its doors to Epic follows that deadline.

According to Thierry Breton, the EU’s industry chief, Apple had been warned earlier this week about Epic’s potential return.

The #DMA is already showing very concrete results from Day 2,” Breton wrote on the X social media platform. “I am delighted that has backedtracked on its Epic exclusion decision following our contacts. From Day 2, #DMA is already showing very concrete results!” he said.

Apple and Epic have been fighting over in-app payments since 2020, when Epic alleged that practice of charging 30% commissions on iOS devices violated US antitrust laws. As a protest against Apple, Epic broke rules intentionally, banned it from its devices as a result of the game maker’s court battle with the company.

Despite Epic’s victory on Friday, Apple hasn’t given it everything it wants.

Despite Apple’s plans to comply with the DMA, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney says the company can still exclude third-party app marketplaces from its devices under some circumstances. Moreover, Fortnite is not available in the US App Store.  iPhone sales this quarter will be billions of dollars below Wall Street expectations as it deals with an erosion of its App Store business model.

Epic and Apple recently tangled over developer accounts, a necessary but minor administrative step for developers before selling apps.

Epic Games’ developer account was reinstated on Friday, two days after the company had been prohibited from launching an online marketplace in Europe. In the continent, Epic Games Store and Fortnite will return to iOS once again, according to the game developer.

According to Epic Games, this sends a strong signal to developers that the European Commission will swiftly enforce the Digital Markets Act and hold gatekeepers accountable.

Epic’s account was terminated by earlier this week, after the company’s actions led it to doubt its intentions to comply with Apple’s DMA rules. After talking to Epic, they agreed to follow Apple’s DMA policy. Epic Sweden AB was allowed to re-sign its developer agreement.


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