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UK Family Visa Income Requirement to Increase to £38,700 by Early 2025, Confirms Rishi Sunak



UK Family Visa Income Requirement to Increase to £38,700 by Early 2025, Confirms Rishi Sunak

(CTN News) – Rishi Sunak has announced that in early 2025, plans would be made that require individuals to earn £38,700 per annum before they can bring their family to the UK.

Earlier this month, an announcement regarding the increase from the existing level of £18,600 was made. The increase was originally planned for the spring.

The administration, however, has retreated and now claims the hike will occur in two phases.

The threshold will rise to £29,000 in the spring of next year, with the further increase not taking effect until the following year.

“The principle here is right that if people are bringing dependants into this country as part of their family, they must be able to support them,” Rishi Sunak said in Lincoln, defending the schedule.

We’re following through on our promises in every way. We’re breaking it down into two parts. Accordingly, it will increase in the coming months until seeing a full-scale increase in early 2025.

“Migration levels are far too high,” he continued. They must be removed.

This means that Labour’s stance on the planned regulations will be closely scrutinized leading up to the next general election in January 2025.

Net migration, defined as the change in population from entering to leaving the UK, hit a new high of 745,000 in 2022, according to official projections.

The government has said it will be modifying the requirements for family visas and other measures, such as making foreign workers earn £38,700 to qualify for a UK skilled worker visa, to cut the number.

Critics said the government’s decision to raise the family visa cap from £18,600 to £38,700 was excessive and would cause hardship for families.

The BBC is aware that some were worried that making these changes at once might expose the government to greater legal challenges.

Without providing a specific date, ministers on Thursday stated that the threshold would increase to £38,700 in the fall, but only to £29,000 in the spring.

On Friday, Rishi Sunak elaborated further by saying that the total will be due in early 2025.

The new visa regulations “need to be implemented immediately,” according to a representative of ex-immigration minister Robert Jenrick, who resigned earlier this month in protest of Rishi Sunak’s methods regarding illegal immigration.

He further stated, “Otherwise there risks being a fire sale of visa applications” if the present method is maintained and individuals attempt to enter the country.

No longer will the new wages requirement be a barrier for anyone wishing to extend their family visa, according to the Home Office.

Applicants with existing family visas under the five-year partner route or those who submitted their applications prior to the increase in the minimum income criteria will still be evaluated using the current income level, according to a government factsheet.

In the year leading up to September, 82,395 family-related visas were granted, with 79% going to partners, 13% to children, and 8% to other relatives, according to official statistics.

UK’s Income Threshold Compared to Other European Countries

A strategy document stated that the new £29,000 barrier might reduce “low tens of thousands” of legal migrants this year, which is the government’s ultimate goal.

Director of the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford Madeleine Sumption claimed on BBC Radio 4’s Today program that £38,700 was “unusually high” and that £29,000 was “quite restrictive” when compared to levels in other European countries.

The government “failed to consult anyone on their new proposals and took no account of the impact of steep spousal visa changes on families next year, so it’s no surprise they are now rowing back in a rush,” said Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary for Labour.

Ruby expressed her concern to the BBC that the £29,000 requirement could prevent her husband Furkan, who is now in Turkey, from moving in with her in Plymouth.

She stated, “[I’m] still £5,000 short of what the requirement is now,” even though she had already changed her profession from self-employment to a veterinarian receptionist, earning £23,000 a year to prove she had a stable income to assist her husband visa application.

“I think it’s cruel on so many approaches,” stated the woman. The news shocked me, and the thought of making even a small adjustment has profoundly impacted my life.

“I have lived here all my life, my family are here, I should be entitled to having a family life just like everyone else.”

After four years of marriage, Cam is still waiting for his American wife to be able to come to London to be with him.

He had intended to apply in March after demonstrating a steady income of £36,000, but he was worried he wouldn’t be able to do so in time before the new threshold took effect in the spring.

He told the BBC that he was relieved that he would still be able to apply even if the income criteria were to alter before he could apply because he knew that the government’s determination to implement the increase in phases would ensure that he would still meet the requirements. With any luck, things will work out okay.

“However I know a lot of couples, a lot of families, will still be feeling a lot of stress and a lot of pressure because they still won’t be able to meet those requirements.”

Ancona, Italy is home to Josie and her Italian husband. She is a British citizen. After being married in December 2020, the couple—who were both scientists—had intentions of relocating to the UK.

Josie expressed her uncertainty about returning to the UK while speaking to the BBC’s World at One show, despite the delay in implementing the £38,700 threshold.

“Given the flipflopping around of policy decisions, it doesn’t give us much confidence – it is a shame because the UK is a great place to be as a scientist.”

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