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5 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About an Alexandrite Gemstone



5 Myths, Alexandrite Gemstone,stone

Alexandrite is a fascinating gemstone. Discovered only 150 years ago, this stone is rare to find and much more valuable than other rare stones discovered 2000 years ago, such as diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire and many others. Reason? Its mesmerizing features and unique qualities it offers to the wearer.

The stone is also referred as “ruby by the day and emerald by the night” as this stone changes its colour corresponding to time of the day! In this article we will learn about Alexandrite Gemstone, its popularity, some myths and how can you buy alexandrite online.

The stone was originally discovered in Russia. Currently is also found in India, Srilanka and Madagascar. Alexandrite’s magical properties were lavishly highlighted by many popular Russian authors who were in total awe of this gemstone. Interestingly, a Russian writer Nikolai Semyonovich Leskov actually dedicated a novella to this Alexandrite gemstone, called “Alexandrite, Mysterious Interpretation of a True Fact”. Afterwards, many researcher, authors, healers and more people recorded their experiences or opinions on Alexandrite gemstone.

5 Myths You Shouldn't Believe About an Alexandrite Gemstone

Another intriguing fact about Alexandrite gemstone is that, even after being discovered 1900+ years after the most learned people had created a list of birth gemstones or zodiac gemstones; this stone made its way to becoming one of the most popular birthstones. Different cultures have associated different zodiacs with this gemstone.

Indian Vedic astrology associates Gemini sign with Alexandrite gemstone due to its dual colour nature. It is also popular as June birthstone. Meaning, if you were born in the in the of June then this stone will help you achieve your goals and attract abundance in your life. Already curious to buy Alexandrite? Don’t worry, later in the article we will also tell you how you can buy Alexandrite gemstone online. But, before that let us look at some of the myths associated with Alexandrite gemstones that you should not believe.

Alexandrite gemstone is a carrier of good luck in love

More than often, Alexandrite gemstones are associated with love related affairs. It is said the gemstone can turnaround any love story and makes it a fairy love story. Therefore, in many cultures, Alexandrite gemstones are popular gemstone engagement rings or as gifts for 35th, 45th or 55th wedding anniversary. Well, the fact that Alexandrite gemstones are good to enhance love matter is only half the truth.

This magical stone can do much more than that. Alexandrite gemstones can also attract wealth and power for the wearer. It has the power to promote imagination, creativity, and intuition. So, if you’re an artist, this you Alexandrite gemstone jewelry can be very beneficial to you. These gemstones also strengthen one’s focus, concentration and the strive for excellence. And if you are curious about spiritual world and wish to explore other realms and Alexandrite gemstones is a bridge between the physical and spiritual world.

Alexandrite is frequently treated

Most gemstones demand treatment to remain charged and active. In fact, it is recommended to treat gemstones often to reap complete benefits of the stones. But, this is not true for Alexandrite gemstones. It is a one that is typically untreated and this is why this stone is so precious.

Synthetic Alexandrites are cheaper

When something is not affordable, people find its alternatives. And the same is true for Alexandrite gemstones. There is a set of synthetic Alexandrite gemstones that do not occur naturally. Even though it is a cheaper version of natural Alexandrite gemstones but the truth is, even the synthetic Alexandrite gemstones are way more expensive for most people.

So, if you ever come across an Alexandrite gemstone available in “cheaper rates”, you know what to do – ignore it. Because, it is simply not possible! It only means that someone is trying to dupe you for money. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while buying rare gemstones.

Alexandrite gemstone can treat medical conditions

Due to the green colour of Alexandrite gemstones, these are often associated with Mercury planet, the planet of healing. And hence, it is claimed that the stones can treat many medical ailments such as discomforts in spleen, pancreas, and more. It is also said that the gemstone can treat leukemia and strengthens blood vessels. Well, the stone definitely has healing properties but you cannot rely completely on the gemstone to “treat” any medical ailment.

Being medically treated, along with wearing the stones, can help in faster recoveries and treatment. If you are suffering from any ailment or life threatening disease, it is recommended, in all conditions, to consult the right doctor for the right treatment. If you wear Alexandrite gemstones along with your treatment, your will be amazed with the faster improvements and comforting effect of the stone.

Alexandrite is commonly available in round shape

If you are a gemstone jewelry enthusiast, then you don’t want to miss getting Alexandrite gemstones in jewelry. This beautiful piece adds an alluring charm to one’s personality. But, if you think that Alexandrite gemstone jewelry can only feature Alexandrite in round shape then you are absolutely wrong!

In fact, Alexandrite gemstones are very hard in nature. It ranks 8.5 on MoH scale and therefore, this stone can be molded into any desired shape. Don’t believe us? Well checkout this Alexandrite and diamond lizard jewelry and get amazed. The fact you see this stone mostly in round shapes in smaller sizes is because of the cost.

5 Myths You Shouldn't Believe About an Alexandrite Gemstone

Buying Alexandrite gemstone online

Buying gemstones online can be tricky. Especially if you are looking for the rarest ones. However, it doesn’t mean that you can never find genuine gemstones online. You must research properly before deciding to buy alexandrite gemstone online. Here is the good news for you, you don’t have to spend hours and hours to find trusted portals to source this rare, beautiful gemstone.

India-based website is one of the leading online players in the international market. The platform has a wide range of gemstone collection, including alexandrite. There are many other portals that you can find as well. Before buying must see all the relevant authentication certificates and customer reviews if available. And yes, if you source genuine Alexandrite from the site, you must also share your review on the site for other buyers like yourself.

We hope this article was useful for you and has helped you understand and learn new things about Alexandrite jewelry. If yes then please do share this article with your friends and relatives, who may be interested to gain this knowledge. You never know, you end up helping someone find a gemstone that changes their life. So, don’t hesitate to share the link of this article. Thanks for your valuable time!

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