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Chinese Plane Crashes Into Residential Area, Pilot Ejects As Houses Catch Fire



Chinese Plane Crashes Into Residential Area, Pilot Ejects As Houses Catch Fire

(CTN News) – Global Times reports that a plane Chinese Plane Crashes near the airport in China’s Hubei province’s Laohekou on Wednesday morning (local time). The pilot suffered minor injuries after ejecting from the aircraft. Casualties are unknown at this time.

Laohekou, Xiangyang City, reported an explosion. The Xiangyang Emergency Management Bureau confirmed an incident occurred in the area. A video and photo posted on social media showed some houses on fire after the Chinese Plane Crashes into the area.

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Chinese Plane Crashes that killed 132 in March was intentional: Report

US officials’ preliminary assessment of a crash that occurred in Hubei province in March and killed all 132 passengers, suggests that the China Eastern Airlines plane was intentionally put into a nosedive.

The investigators found no mechanical or technical problems with the jet. In the crash earlier this year, a Boeing 737-800 was flying between Kunming and Guangzhou when it crashed, killing all the passengers.

“The plane did what it was told to,” according to the Wall Street Journal, which reported the story, citing a person familiar with US officials’ preliminary assessment of the cause of the crash. One of the black box flight recorders revealed that inputs to the controls had forced the plane into a near-vertical dive, according to the report.

Apart from the March crash, Chinese airlines are considered to have a good safety record, as the last major accident occurred over a decade ago.

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