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Netflix’s Luckiest Girl Alive: What You Need To Know

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Netflix's Luckiest Girl Alive: What You Need To Know

(CTN News) – Since it was released on Netflix, Mila Kunis’ new film, Luckiest Girl Alive, has generated a great deal of interest.

Despite being a thriller based on a book, Netflix has not indicated whether a sequel will be released.

A true-crime documentary forces a writer to confront her harrowing high school history and question her decisions as a teen in Luckiest Girl Alive.

In her former high school, the private and prestigious Bradley School in suburban Philadelphia, Ani FaNelli (Mila Kunis) sits in front of stained glass windows.

She’s on edge, talking to a documentary filmmaker about a school shooting that happened here two decades ago.

“You’re lucky you have a mom who got you a lawyer,” the filmmaker says. It’s not for everyone.”

Ani is silent, recalling a time when her mother didn’t believe her story. Her mom hisses, “You disgust me.”. “You’re not the daughter I raised.”

Suddenly, she is in the present. “Hmm. Yes. Very lucky,” she responds, barely containing her pain and anger. “The luckiest girl alive right now.”

Netflix releases Luckiest Girl Alive on Friday, based on a 2015 book. However, the story’s core remains powerful.

Upon publication in 2015, Jessica Knoll’s mystery novel Luckiest Girl Alive spent four months on the best-seller lists and sold more than 450,000 copies.

The book tells the story of Ani Fanelli, formerly known as TifAni, and her phoenix-like rise and reinvention from the ashes of her teenage years.

“The knee-jerk reaction is to dismiss Ani as vain and vapid,” Knoll told the New York Times. By rewarding women for showing their humanity, warts and all, by giving their struggles weight, we allow them to endear, inspire and move us, just as men do.

In comparison to Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, which came out three years earlier, the novel focuses more on the truth of its protagonist. A contemporary interpretation of femininity, Luckiest Girl Alive dissects crime, gender, and class.

A woman’s carefully orchestrated, perfect life slowly cracks, revealing a dark underbelly in Knoll’s debut novel. From the beginning, the author is able to captivate the reader, setting the tone for a completely enthralling read as the secrets emerge.


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