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Hanfu Fashion is Trendy Again! Where to Buy Your Hanfu



Hanfu Fashion is Trendy Again! Where to Buy Your Hanfu

Chinese dramas are aesthetically pleasing, not just because of the unique plot and the traditional settings, but most of all because of the colorful costumes adorned with elaborate patterns, dragons, lotus flowers, and pieces of jewelry and headpieces.

Hanfu is the traditional apparel of the Han people before the Qing Dynasty.

When we talk about Hanfu, it refers to the long flowing robe with long, loose-fitting sleeves and a belt. Hanfu clothing reflects much of the Han Chinese culture and tradition.

Hanfu existed more than 4,000 years ago when the Yellow Emperor’s consort sewed silk clothing.

The Xia Dynasty’s version of the Hanfu is the vi, Shang, or bixi. The colors used were only green and red due to limited resources.

The Zhou Dynasty’s version of the Hanfu is the shenyi, a single-piece article, and the religious court dress of high officials is called the Mianfu.

Hanfu had wide sleeves, and the adventitia was adorned with jade embellishments and a sash. Hufu, the clothing of ethnic groups, was mixed with Hanfu.

The Qin and Han Dynasties’ version of Hanfu was the shenyi, a modified version of Hanfu that was patronized by the Hans and Huns.

A linen robe called the pao was worn for formal occasions.

There was a distinction between officials and ordinary people through their Hanfu. Officials don pao and shenyi from green silk, while ordinary people don pao from white linen.

The Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasties’ Hanfu version was a mixture of Hanfu and hufu.

Women’s clothing has become less conservative yet more comfortable. The Song dynasty’s version is a spin-off of the Tang dynasty with additional embellishments. Women donned cape-like clothing called bezi.

The Yuan dynasty’s version of Hanfu embraced some characteristics of the national dress of Mongolian leaders.

Men wear the traditional round collar pao and zhisunfu of Mongolia. The Ming Dynasty’s Hanfu version was a reclamation of the original clothing, tradition, and way of life.

However, Mongolian-influenced clothing was still prevalent. Confucian codes have become a trend again.

Clothes resorted back to being less revealing and more traditional. The top vestment was short and the bottom was long, and the coat outside was longer.

The Qing dynasty’s Hanfu was the traditional Hanfu, the garments of Manchu, and Western-influenced garments.

There was a movement in the 2000s to revive this ancient Chinese fashion, and now it is available for sale in stores and online.

Despite not making it into the mainstream, for now, stores and shops are selling or renting them out.

People buy or rent them for costuming, costume parties or shows, themed activities, or photography.

For an affordable price, you can have your hanfu clothing. For as little as $30, you can relive the Han Chinese culture.

More expensive pieces are available depending on the material used.

The most commonly used Chinese clothing in the modern era is the qipao, a high-necked and close-fitting piece of clothing.

This led to Hanfu’s clothing disappearance. The fading of Hanfu also meant the demise of Chinese culture.

The use of Hanfu clothing has become a manifestation of the retrieval of culture, rituals, and the Chinese past.

Want your very own Hanfu? They are now available through Scan their selection of traditional and modern hanfu for men and women.

Choose designs according to your liking. Pick between Songku, Wuxia, Jin, Ming, and many more.

A high-quality, well-designed hanfu can is purchasable for $50. Other stores sell hanfu for a cheaper price but cannot ensure top-tier quality.

But New Hanfu gives you products worth the value of your money. Buy now and hurry because they are on sale!

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