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Wig Care on the Go: How to Look Your Best While Traveling



Wig Care on the Go: How to Look Your Best While Traveling

One of life’s greatest pleasures is traveling, which lets you experience new places and cultures while making priceless memories. But for wig wearers like myself, the adventure and freedom of travel can present special difficulties.

I’m aware that my beloved wigs need a lot of extra attention and care to stay in style while I’m on the go as I navigate airport terminals, rush into and out of cabs, and unpack into strange hotel rooms.

The continual movement, exposure to unfamiliar environments, and lack of my usual wig care routine can cause synthetic strands to tangle, fibers to mat, and lengths to frizz, detracting from rather than enhancing the lush aspect of my wig.

No matter where I go in the globe, I maintain strict wig maintenance routines designed for living “on the wig” as opposed to “on the road” to make sure my wig always looks its most gorgeous, big-haired best.

Don’t let travel deter you from rocking your favorite butterfly box braids. With these wig care tips, you’ll be looking fabulous wherever the journey takes you.

Begin with the best wig

I favor wigs with simpler, more durable styles that require less upkeep. Avoid extravagant wigs with multiple layers, baby hair imitation, and intricate braiding when traveling. Extra features and textures can easily mat and tangle as you move through different environments.

Since synthetic wigs often hold up better to the stresses of travel than actual hair does, I prefer them. Synthetic fibers are less prone to wrinkle, catch, or frizz while moving from one place to another.

Because heat tools are not used to style these wigs, there is one less thing you need to worry about packing. All I have to do to get ready is slip into my synthetic wig and fluff the strands with my hands.

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I have a long, straight FANCIVIVI wig that I wear any time I travel. The length and simple style allows it to maintain its shape with minimal adjustments. The dark color easily disguises small snags or knots that do inevitably arise during travel.

Pack prudently

I reorganize my wig case before every trip to make sure everything has a safe area. I supplement with accessories like wig grippers, elastics, and bobby pins. When it comes to de-wrinkling synthetic wigs and reactivating the synthetic fibers, a portable garment steamer is a lifesaver.

Once your wig case is organized, wrap it in a plastic bag in case of spills or moisture during travel. Lastly, avoid checking it as luggage whenever possible—carry it on!

Guard it when asleep

Properly fastening your wig overnight is among the most important wig care procedures to follow while traveling. Long-term use of your wig while sleeping is not advised owing to the friction and pulling your pillows generate when you move while you sleep. This can cause snagging, tangling, and other damage that is difficult to fix very quickly.

Instead, I keep my Knotless Twist in its travel case or either on a wig head form overnight. I always make sure to securely fasten the wig when wearing a wig head to prevent shifting or sliding during the night. Although it may allow for more movement, storing in the travel case offers some protection from creases and wrinkles.

I cover my wig before bed with a silk hat or scarf for further security. As I change positions while I’m sleeping, the silk’s silky texture gently slides over the synthetic strands, minimizing any potential snagging.

I carry a long silk scarf that fits tightly under my chin and completely encloses my wig in the plush fabric. To keep my wig perfectly contained and maintain its elegance during the night, I need to fasten the hat firmly.

Splash some water on it

Getting TSA approved spray products through security may be a hassle, but I always bring a travel-sized bottle of dry shampoo or texture spray.

These items clean your wig between washes, enhance volume, and absorb grease. A few sprays can significantly improve the way your hair looks after a lengthy journey or a full day of travel.

Steam it out

One of my preferred wig care items when traveling is a portable garment steamer, as I previously said. I can freshen the fibers and regain volume and body in my synthetic wig after wearing it all day with just a few minutes of steaming.

To prevent melting the fibers in synthetic wigs, steam them gently. Start with modest heat and test a discrete, small region to see if it can withstand the temperature.

Clean it if required

You may need to wash your wig more often while traveling because of pollution, product buildup, and general dryness in the air. Look for wig shampoo and conditioner wipes that require no water to simplify the process.

If at all possible, clean your wig in a hotel sink the same way you would at home. Before letting it air dry overnight, give it a thorough rinse and roll it in a towel to absorb any extra moisture. To avoid damage, wait until it is completely dry before using any heat instruments.


In conclusion, maintaining your hair while traveling doesn’t have to be a challenge. No matter where in the globe your travels take you, you’ll look and feel good with these wig care habits. Just bear in mind to change up your wig’s style once you arrive home to give your natural hair and scalp a much-needed rest!

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