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Best City Destinations In The Americas



Best City Destinations In The Americas

Best City Destinations In The Americas  – The world is big, yet air travel seems to be shrinking it. With the advent of aviation came the ability to span longer distances in shorter times.

Therefore, it seems there is no place on earth out of reach anymore- good news for you if you love travelling.

How do you determine where to go with so many places now within your reach? After all, the ability to travel doesn’t always match how much time you have to do so.

In this case, it is best to divide the world into chunks and plan your travel around that. So let us start with the Americas.

Even taking them as a group, the Americas covers a vast area. When speaking of the Americas, you are referring to Canada, the USA, Central America, The Caribbean and South America.

These regions contain a veritable smorgasbord of cities and out-of-the-way destinations that offer an endless array of sights, experiences, cultures and natural wonders.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the prospect of planning a trip to The Americas can seem daunting and overwhelming, even if you are a seasoned traveller.

But, if you are set on planning a multi-city trip to this region, don’t let the abundance of choice scare you away from planning a trip.

Instead, why not look beyond geographical dimensions and concentrate on selecting the spots that are likely to give you the most worthwhile experience? To help, here’s a travel guide to the best of The Americas.


Canada retains much of its rugged natural beauty, particularly in its northern parts. But on the other hand, its cities also boast a cosmopolitan feel that attracts people from all walks of life.

If you want a good sampling of this beautiful country, plan to visit destinations that allow you to experience a good mix of its dichotomous nature. For example, you can revel in the joie de vivre of Quebec City before immersing yourself in the wild beauty of the Rockies.

United States

The USA is a big country. The good news is that the variety of states allows you to tailor your choice of stops to a trip theme.

So, if your theme is history, you can visit Washington DC, Virginia or The Carolinas to enjoy monuments and places that seem to take you back in time.

Similarly, if you are looking for the iconic, then New York City, San Francisco and Venice Beach (Los Angeles) are must-sees.

Central America

Mexico City continues to gain popularity as a tourist destination. It is a vibrant place with no shortage of things to do.

One great example is the legendary Day of The Dead Festival, which takes place every November.

South America

Peru boasts one of the world’s highest concentrations of ancient and natural wonders.

You can hike well-trodden trails to visit awe-inspiring sites like Machu Pichu. Alternatively, you can enjoy the rich culture of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, where carnivals come to life.

Getting There

No matter what your multi-city itinerary looks like, it is important to ensure that you have a good travel experience from departure to return.

One of the most crucial considerations affecting this outcome is your choice of airline.

There are numerous airline options offering flights from Australia to the Americas.

However, flying with airline alliances offers you the best chance of finding optimum routing options and non-stop flights.

So, for example, opting to travel with Oneworld allows you to fly Qantas from Australia and then American Airlines and its affiliates throughout the rest of the Americas.

Suppose you are planning to dust off your passport and take advantage of lifting travel restrictions.

Why not use a multi-city trip to the Americas to shake off that lockdown feeling and get you to appreciate all the world has to offer again?

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