Elegant Sterling Kiddush Cup Set For The Celebration Of Shabbat Eve
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Elegant Sterling Kiddush Cup Set for the Celebration of Shabbat Eve



Kiddush Cup

Kiddush Cup: The tradition of Shabbat celebration has been continuing in Jewish culture since 500 C.E. Drinking beverage is one of the main rituals of Shabbat celebration. To serve the beverages to friends and family members, Jewish people use the sterling Kiddush cup set. For this reason, the Kiddush cup set has a certain importance in Jewish culture.

The Purpose of Shabbat Celebration:

The belief behind the Shabbat celebration is that when God created this universe, he did not take a rest and worked continuously for six days. As God relaxed after finishing his job on the seventh day, Jewish people also work hard for the whole week and on Friday, they celebrate.

This celebration is known as the Shabbat celebration. Another purpose of celebrating this day is to show gratefulness toward God for the creation of this beautiful universe. On this day, every Jewish attends the prayer of the Kiddush recitation over food and beverages. Once the recitation is completed, everyone of the family should take a sip of the beverage. As most Jewish families use elegant Kiddush wine cup sets to drink beverages, Kiddush cup set has also become a part of Jewish culture.

Kiddush Recitation:

Kiddush recitation is the prayer that every Jewish people attend and give value to achieving inner peace. The sanctification of food and drinks occurs during the Kiddush recitation. The beverage such as wine or grape juice takes place in a large Kiddush wine fountain. After completing the recitation, people drink the beverage.

Even though some people like to drink the beverage directly from the fountain, many prefer to drink from Kiddush cups. For this reason, Kiddush cup sets are crucial parts for Jewish families to serve the beverage.

Shabbat Eve:

Jewish Customary law states that after the sunset on Friday, the Shabbat eve starts, and the celebration ends on Saturday night when three distinct stars appear in the sky. Jewish people observance this ritual for bringing peace and purity to life. As the family members and relatives meet each other during this celebration, Shabbat eve is also meant to bring them together.

The Design of the Jewish Sterling Kiddush Cup Set:

Drinking beverage symbolically reflects a way to bring purity to people’s lives. Therefore, Jewish people prefer to keep Kiddush cups set at home to drink beverages. Manufacturers understand the importance of this ritual in Jewish culture and therefore, they put effort and creativity into preparing different designs for Kiddush cup sets. For better durability and an elegant look, manufacturers use silver metal in the production of Kiddush cups. Manufacturers also build a beautiful decorative wooden boxes to keep the cups. You will also find different types of attractive exterior designs on the cups.

Apart from personal use, you can also gift the sterling Kiddush cup sets to your friends and relatives. However, if you want to purchase these cup sets, you must consider visiting online stores over physical stores. There are multiple advantages to online shopping, and you will also find an array of different types of sterling Kiddush cup sets.


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