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A New Model for Bundesliga: The possible End of the Bayern’s Reign




As entertaining and well coached Bundesliga’s teams are, as good as the scouts devoted to bring new, brimming talent to the clubs deeply engage in their activity for the fruition of the clubs’ desires, and although Germany is a pool of talent that keeps on giving, the Bundesliga is somewhat of a farmer’s league.

Not in the sense that the teams lack quality; on the contrary. Dortmund, Bayern Leverkusen, Leipzig, etc, all have incredibly good roosters, stacked with quality for all over the world. It boils down to a simple problem: as it is said that football is a game of 11 versus 11 and Germany ultimately wins, for the analysis of Bundesliga, you can just replace Germany with Bayern Munich.

Bundesliga betting, at least for the title – but more often than not, for any competition – ends up being dull and uninteresting, providing no uncertainty, and therefore offering sparce odds.

So much so that even for Bayern, it is time for a change. A huge and unforeseen change that will certainly affect Bayern’s odds and, most surprisingly, was brought forward by legendary ex-goalkeeper and current director of the club, Oliver Khan.

Internal Hassles

The idea was met with criticism by Hoeness, the club’s former president, who found the idea ridiculous. He went on to say: “In the Bundesliga, whoever is the best after 34 match days and who has gone through thick and thin with his team should win the championship. (…) That’s just a law against Bayern Munich! That has nothing to do with tension.”

Harsh words from yet another legend of the club, one that won the last 9 Leagues in 10 possible, with one sacked by Klopp’s Dortmund.

The truth is that Bayern Munich’s monopoly over titles is not one created equal to that of PSG, for instance. Bayern is a club with tight financial decisions, spectacular scouting, a keen eye for young talents when it comes to coaching, and a tri-parted ownership that still manages the fans to be the main shareholder of the club, partnering with the like of Adidas, for instance.

Both Kahn and Hoeness’s opinions present valid points, but what exactly is the model and why does it spark some much differing stances?

The proposed new Bundesliga Model

On paper, it looks pretty darn simple, and perhaps a future staple for a lot of leagues with this sort of problem: Hello, France?

The first 4 teams would undergo a play-off for the title, and the best 2 teams would play at home against the 3th and 4th teams, like a semi-final.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, it already happens in competitions like the Championship, and it’s a way to level competitive consistency with face-to-face sheer quality.

The pros are clear:

It would create a competitive handicap for Bayern Munich, and as such, position some lesser teams to win more prizes, titles, and money to therefore show off that new found prowess in European competitions, therefore favoring the amount of talent in the League, and on the long run, the ratings for it too.

The unpredictability would be a brilliant addiction to the Bundesliga and perhaps a test-case for the rest of the European Leagues.

Putting the Con on Cons:

It is easy to counter-argue this model unto oblivion. The League is a competition for consistency, the Cups are for one-on-ones and the momentary subversion of the opposite team. That is why, one can argue, they exist simultaneously, and why even the Cup provides access to European football. When Bayern wins a title with more than 20 points, it shows that their overall preparation of the season, squad, etc, is miles away from the other clubs, and the idea of throwing the title away on two games, where one might go wrong, seems a con – in the literal sense – to the best prepared club on the League.

The one who aimed for consistency. A lot of ink will be spent dealing with this subject, and we will see if this is just a coocoo’s dream to cope with the short-lived, never-played, and abhorrent European League, or if it will stand the test of time and present as a valuable alternative to the current state of things at the Bundesliga.


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