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Spain Golden Visa

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Spain Golden Visa

Did you know that Spain started to provide Golden Visas for foreign investors in 2013? So, what is Spain Golden Visa then? It’s a residence permit provided for non-EU nationals in return for an investment in Spain. In addition to residency, you get the opportunity to work and study in Spain as well. Later on, it can end up even in permanent residency and citizenship.

Applicants for this program believe that Spain offers a safe environment and a high-quality lifestyle. For this reason, they bring their family members to Spain as well.

In this guide, you can find more about the application process and benefits of a Golden Visa for Spain. Let’s begin with the benefits.

Benefits of Golden Visa Spain

Spain is an EU member country, and it’s within the Schengen area. For this reason, when you get your Golden Visa, you can travel to the Schengen countries visa-free.

Another benefit of the program is that you can add your family to the program. In this way, your dependent family members like your children can receive education in Spain. The country has top-quality schools for international students.

Spain is a great country to retire to, and lots of pension schemes are available for you here.

Spain doesn’t obligate any stay period to keep your residence permit. So, the choice of living in Spain is totally up to you.

Can You Apply For Golden Visa in Spain?

Let’s find out if you’re eligible to apply for Golden Visa to Spain. If you satisfy the following requirements, you’re ready to apply:

  • You’re more than 18 years of age
  • You have private healthcare during your stay in Spain
  • You have proof of funds that are sufficient to cover your stay without working in Spain
  • You’re not an illegal resident of Spain
  • You’re not banned from residence in Spain or any other country
  • You don’t have a criminal record within the last five years

In addition to the abovementioned criteria, you need to invest in Spain in accordance with the program requirements. Let’s find out each investment option in detail below.

Investment Options

You have three options to select from when you apply for Spain Golden Visa. They include real estate investment, capital transfer, and business development.

Real Estate Investment

The minimum amount of the property you’ll buy must be €500,000. Under this investment option, you can choose to buy a commercial and/or residential property.

Capital Transfer

As a Golden Visa Spain option, the capital transfer involves investing in Spanish Treasury Bonds. For this, the minimum investment amount must be €1 million. It’s also possible to invest €1 million in shares in Spanish companies. Or, you can invest this amount in bank deposits with a Spanish financial institution.

Business Development

The final investment option under the Spain Golden Visa program is business development. Like the capital transfer option, business development requires a minimum investment of €1 million.

You can establish a new company in Spain, or invest in a business project in the country. If you choose this investment route, you need to create employment. Also, your company must contribute to scientific or technological innovations. Finally, your investment has to have a socioeconomic impact in Spain.

How To Apply For Spain Golden Visa

You first choose an investment option. After this step, you’ll prepare and submit your application for a Schengen visa. Then, you go to Spain to provide your biometric data. Typically, this step takes around two months to complete. The final step is to wait for the response from the authority reviews. This step takes about 20 days. Once you get your Golden Visa in Spain, you can begin to enjoy being an EU resident.

Renewal of Golden Visa, Permanent Residency, and Citizenship

Note that your Golden Visa is valid for one year in the beginning. You’ll then extend your Spain Golden Visa for up to five years. When five years are over, an application for a permanent visa will become available.

When you complete 10 years of permanent residency, you can apply for citizenship. It’ll be possible through naturalization if you fulfill the necessary criteria. So, there’s no direct route like Spain citizenship by investment, but it’s possible to get one once you complete the required steps.

So, you can get many additional benefits once you get your Spain Golden Visa. If becoming an EU resident is among your plans, go ahead and apply today!


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