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The Business Trip Abroad Based On My Own Successful Love Story Experience



The Business Trip Abroad Based On My Own Successful Love Story Experience

Business Trip: No one knows where he will meet his fate. Today, virtual dating is available to absolutely all people of different ages: from teenagers to people of more mature years. Our heroes could never guess that an ordinary acquaintance on the Internet, a first like, a comment, or a simple “hello, how are you?” will turn their lives upside down forever.

Ukrainian women shared their unreal business trips abroad and online dating with Foreign men and Ukrainian women with our experts.

In this review, you will find tips for Foreign men on how to safely find a Ukrainian bride or simply love with girls of other nationalities. And also the real story of a Ukrainian girl who met a foreign man on a dating site, and how their acquaintance turned into one of the success stories.

Love In The Big Internet: How To Meet Safely Online?

Flirting on a smartphone is not only fun, but also convenient. There’s always a chance to “swipe right” the love of your life while you’re standing in line at the store or sitting at home in quarantine.

However, along with potential relationships, online dating can bring new problems into your life. One unsuccessful acquaintance on the Internet – and the stalker is already following you on all social networks, the attacker uses funds from your account, and private photos are scattered on hundreds of web resources.

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If you think you’re unlikely to be fooled that easily, three facts from online dating research will quickly cool your passion for romance:

💔 People lie when dating on the Internet

Although most of us can’t stand lies, 57% of users of online dating services used fake names and photos, providing false information about their marital status, age, and social status.

Our experts advise everyone, especially foreign men, in the first hours of communication to try to check the data for truthfulness. For example, in the first few hours, ask to take a simple selfie. Thus, you as Foreign men will check if the woman is real.

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💔 Online dating increases the risk of getting into trouble

Users of dating services are twice as likely to encounter cybersecurity problems than others (41% vs. 20%).

In addition, 55% of people looking for romantic encounters online have received threats or been in unpleasant situations. So some foreign men are not lucky on dating sites, and they want to find a marriage or meet foreign women only to find scammers.

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💔 We trust new online acquaintances too much

Every tenth user of online dating services confidently indicates their real home address and sends intimate photos in anticipation of receiving their success stories.

As foreign men, you can be too trusting of strangers on the Internet, but our experts advise you not to immediately fall on your knees in front of beautiful online girls and boys. And yet, only after some time will you start to trust them with some of your information.

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The real 1 story of the online meeting of foreign men with Ukrainian women

Note from dating experts: “A Ukrainian bride is really popular and the best Woman For Marriage. This will also help you find a Ukrainian bride.”

Oksana Trapani-Gadenko comes from Storozhynets. She went to Italy in 2003 during one of her business vacations. She has been with her Italian husband for 14 years, and they met by chance over the phone.

My husband mixed up the phone number, but he liked my “speaking” Italian, because I still didn’t know the language well, – jokes Oksana.

When I talked to him. The Italian invited me for ice cream, and my daughter said: “Mom, you don’t have to be alone all your life, look how kind he is.” This is how our relationship began. The wedding trip was to Bukovyna. He fell in love with our region.

My husband and I are the same age. At first, it was a bit difficult to get used to family life with an Italian, because our culture is different. When I was angry, and I didn’t have enough words in Italian, my husband said, “fight in Ukrainian.” They laughed after that.

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I see the advantages in the fact that the head of my family is a man who provides for everything: utility payments, payments for the house, takes care of vacations, and trips. The salary is divided into monthly needs. We do not have a prosperous life, the usual European one.

My family loves all Ukrainian traditions, especially at Christmas and Easter. If our Easter coincides with the Catholic Easter, we all go to the Ukrainian church, says Oksana.

– The most important thing is mutual understanding and mutual respect. And I am grateful to God that my husband understands me and my volunteering.

Oksana says that during the registration of marriage, a contract is usually concluded. She also has such a contract.

– I also have such a contract, and I think that it is right, – continues Oksana.

– But there is another nuance in this, for example, if she quarreled with her husband, left home, and filed for divorce, then the right to housing is automatically lost, because the woman voluntarily left the family home.

Of course, there are unhappy marriages between Italians and Ukrainian women, but the women usually do not flee to Ukraine. After a divorce, an Italian must support his ex-wife, even if there are no children, but she has a small income.

If you, like foreign men, want to find a beautiful wife from Ukraine or a Slavic bride, then dating sites will help you with this. For example, on a site like Jolly Romance.

Story 2: “Lack of live communication”

2 notes from the dating experts: To help you, our experts have found for you a reliable source of information with the generic facts you need to know when dating Ukrainian Women. These facts will help you understand the psychology of Ukrainian women better.

Bukovinka Valentyna Latyn from the village in the Kitzman region, married a German, Artur Epp, almost six years ago. Now she and her husband live in a small town near Nuremberg and raise their three-year-old son, David.

We met thanks to a dating site. Valentina was 29 years old, and Artur was 34. The couple met for the first time in February 2013 in Germany on business trips, and already in December of the same year, Artur proposed marriage to Valentina.

Bukovinka admits that it was the most difficult to get used to a foreign language, although she was learning it. Artur’s parents were not very happy with his choice, says Valentina. – They think that it is difficult to live in Ukraine, and Ukrainian women come here, and get married, because it is easier here. Although in reality, everything is not like that.

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By nature, Arthur is calm, and balanced, thinks a lot, and counts money. Economical. The first thing that caught her eye when she came to Germany to visit her future husband was that Arthur saved water. Now I understand why, because communal services are not cheap – 200-300 euros per month.

In general, Germans constantly save money for the future, because they believe that they will live a long time in retirement. Ukrainians, on the contrary, dream of living to retirement. Valentina says that she misses live communication.

I miss my friends very much, although I understand that each of them already has a family, – the woman admits. – When I lived in Chernivtsi, we could talk about various topics, but here everything is not like that: Germans are friendly, but they don’t let you get close to them. That is why I really dream of my parents moving to Germany and settling nearby.

If someone offered me to move to Germany now, I probably wouldn’t do it. It is one thing to come here to visit, and another to live here. It also has its own difficulties. I thought that living abroad was easier, but it is not so.

Not just a broken heart: the risks of online dating

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When in 2016, a Japanese citizen began an online relationship with a US Army officer serving in Syria, she did not expect trouble. However, her “lover” turned out to be a group of fourteen online fraudsters from the US and Nigeria.

After this relationship, the woman was left not only with a broken heart, but also with an empty wallet – the attackers cheated her of more than $200,000. A military hot spot in need of money is a common role that criminals like to try on.

In order to extract money from you, cat fishers can tell other banal, but no less effective stories about unforeseen family circumstances, health problems, or difficulties during travel. But of course, there are also good stories from dating sites that ended in a happy ending, friendship, or even marriage.

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