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Causes of Bicycle Accidents: A little Caution for Cyclists



Bicycle Accidents

Causes of Bicycle Accidents: Cars are safer than ever with multiple airbags and active safety systems, but what about the cyclists on our roads?

The only protection for cyclists is a helmet. The rules that you need to follow to prevent bicycle accidents are simple. When a car collides with a bicycle, the result is always much worse for the cyclist than for the driver. That’s why it’s vitally important to think about the bike when you’re behind the wheel.

What can I do as a driver?

  • Remember that when a cyclist wants to turn left, they must go across the lane, in the middle of the road. This is a difficult and dangerous manoeuvre and as a driver you may need to help out by slowing down and allowing the cyclist to cross your lane.
  • Imagine that each cyclist is a friend or family member and help them ride safely.
  • Do not get too close to a cyclist as this can cause the rider to sway, lose balance and fall onto the road.
  • Be more sensitive to cycling. Instead of seeing them as a nuisance, share the road and remember that about 80% of cyclists have a driver’s license, they know what it’s like to be behind the wheel.
  • If there is a school on your way to and from work in the morning, be sure to consider the possibilities of students cycling to school. And be extremely conscious about it. Remember that it won’t matter if you’re two minutes late for work, but it can be a matter of life for a child.
  • Keep an eye out for potholes or other deformities in the road surface; these can be bad for a car of course but for a cyclist they can be disastrous, and your bikes can drop them and throw them in your path. As a result of this and similar accidents, cyclists may suffer catastrophic injuries.

About bike accidents

It has been observed that bicycle accidents generally occur in the neighbourhood where people live.

While adults think that they know their environment well and do not need to take any precautions while cycling at close distances, families think that their children are not included in the risk group because they cycle around their house. However, since bicycle accidents occur more frequently at home and in close quarters, it is absolutely necessary to use protective elements such as castors and knee pads in every bicycle ride, regardless of distance.

Unfortunately, most of the accidents that result in death by children under the age of 10 are experienced in the streets around the children’s homes. For this reason, one of the most important things to consider in order to prevent accidents is whether there is a motor vehicle in the area where bicycles are used. Because one of the common causes of such fatal bicycle accidents is hitting the cyclist by motor vehicles.

To briefly list the causes of bicycle accidents:

  • use of large or small bikes instead of age-appropriate bike models,
  • not using protectors such as helmets and knee pads,
  • cycling in traffic areas reserved for motor vehicles,
  • allowing children to ride bikes on their own without parental control,
  • use of bicycles that have not been manufactured and tested to manufacturing standards,
  • failure to comply with the necessary driving rules,
  • not knowing the traffic signs to be observed by the cyclist,
  • not using elements that will make it noticeable, such as headlights or reflectors (cat’s-eye) during night driving,
  • use of motor vehicles and pedestrian paths where there are bicycle paths,
  • two people riding a single bike.

Compensation for bicycle accidents

Just as those who are injured as a result of hitting another car or pedestrian in traffic accidents have the entitlement to compensation, the cyclist who was injured in the accident also has the entitlement to compensation. You can find out what kind of information and documents you need in order to claim this entitlement of compensation by contacting the accident lawyers.

As a result of traffic accidents, injuries, bone fractures or loss of organs and limbs often occur as a result of the impact. In these cases, there may be an entitlement to demand compensation for the compensation of the damages caused by the traffic accident.

While making a claim for compensation as a result of the injury of the cyclist who had a traffic accident; compensation must be claimed by taking into account how was he/she injured in the accident, whether there is permanent damage to his / her body, and how much financial loss he/she has.


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