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Best Nail Salons in JB (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

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Best Nail Salons in JB (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

Are you looking for the perfect nail salon in Johor Bahru? I can recommend you some top nail salons in JB (Johor Bahru).

These best nail salons in Johor Bahru are able to provide you with beautiful nail painting techniques.

Not only will these salons give you stunning manicures, but they will also provide professional and cleaning services.

1.TOUCH Nail & Makeup

TOUCH Nail and Makeup is the best option for a simple, yet elegant looking manicure. The manicures at this nail salon are clean, simple and neat. There are no overdrawn designs or unusual ones.

TOUCH Nail and Makeup offers the most basic nail and pedicure services to their clients.

TOUCH Nail & Makeup offers other beauty services, such as pedicures and nail polish.

Their Facebook page allows customers to share their beautiful nail designs and allow them to pick their favourite.

There are two branches of the nail salon in Johor Bahru. One is at Jalan Sutera and one at Taman Sentosa. After a busy week, you can relax here and enjoy some nail art and beauty treatments.

2. J Nail Closet

J Nail Closet, a popular Johor Bahru nail salon that provides great manicure, waxing, and pedicure services for their customers is a favorite.

J Nail Closet’s nail art is trendy and attractive. You can buy their nail products, pedicure and manicure items at their counter if you like them.

This nail salon also offers a manicure academy, which provides classes for those who are interested in nail art. The owner has over five years of experience in the nail care industry.

3. ENail Manicure & pedicure

Nail Manicure & Pedicure offers relaxing, enjoyable nail care. The nail salons in JB aims to offer manicures and pedicures that combine relaxation with health and indulgence to give their customers beautiful nails.

ENail Manicure & Pedicure offers additional services in its nail salons. In their nail salons, they offer Spa Pedicure, Spa Manicure, and waxing services. This is a great place to pamper yourself with relaxing beauty treatments.

ENail Manicure & Pedicure offers additional services in its nail salon. In their nail salon, they offer Spa Pedicure and Spa Manicure services. This is a great place to pamper yourself with relaxing beauty treatments.

All of their classes allow their students to express their creativity and be innovative in nail art design. As the owner, there are no restrictions on style or trends. They provide a positive learning environment for their students.

4. Samantha Nails Home Spa

Samantha Nails Home Spa, as the name suggests, is a JB nail salon where you can have your nails and make-up done.

This nail salon is located in Taman Molek and offers Gel Nails, Acrylic Nails, Manicures and Silk Wrap Nails.

Although their nail designs are simple, they will amaze you with their intricate art.

They also offer a nail art workshop for anyone who is interested in learning how to do nails. Although it may be a bit more expensive, it is well worth it because the teacher will provide very detailed guidance for each student during the class.

The nail salon also serves as a beauty shop where you can buy your home spa products, and some beauty products.

Samantha Nails Home Spa sells products such as jewelry, nail supplies, beauty utensils and clothing, as well hair perms.

These products are guaranteed to be high quality and come directly from the manufacturer, so they won’t cost you too much.

5. YouR Nail Lovers

YouR Nail Lover’S is located at Jalan Jaya Putra and offers affordable nail care services. YouR Nail Lover’S manicure designs are more girly and dreamy, with pastels and galaxy-themed colors.

They only use imported nail polishes made in Japan and the United States to maintain the perfect color and quality.

These nail polishes will meet all your expectations in terms of longevity, color, and chip-free manicures.

6. Kit-Ro Nail Salon

Kit-Ro Nail Salon was founded by Ms. Yvonne. They are well-known in Jalan Dedap for their nail care services that have never failed anyone.

Their nail designs are very fashionable and detailed. Kit-Ro Nail Salon has unique designs to meet the needs of customers.

They are always happy to help you express your individuality with your nails.

The salon allows customers to customize their nails according to their preferences. If you are interested in a unique design for your nails, don’t be afraid to ask.

There are not only 5 nail salons in Johor Bahru, there are many more. You can find different specialty crafts in different stores. The question is how do you get there?

You don’t have to use the busy and cumbersome public transportation system. You can directly hire a taxi from Singapore to JB (Johor Bahru). SGMYTRIPS is highly recommended here.

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