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7 Things You Need to Know About a Muslim Wedding



Muslim Wedding

In a Muslim wedding, the bride and groom listen to the Maulvi talk about the responsibilities that they have to undertake in their marriage and as a couple to Allah. So, no mantras are chanted as seen in a Hindu wedding, and vows are read as in a Christian wedding.

Insight into Muslim weddings

In a Muslim wedding the color of the bride and groom’s attire is always subtle and soft. Stylish attire is not adopted and only modestly designed clothing is worn. This pattern is also followed in the design of Muslim wedding invitations which feature an elegant appearance. Prior to the wedding, there are many rituals that occur, such as:

1. Salatul Istikhara: It is an important ceremony that occurs before the wedding during which Allah’s blessings are evoked for the marriage by the Imam.

2. Imam Zamin: It is a ritual where the mother of the groom visits the bride’s home. She brings along with her a gold or silver coin, which is tied to a scarf that is then tied to the bride’s wrist. It is done to welcome the bride into her new family.

3. Mangni: It is the engagement ceremony where rings are exchanged and family members are all gathered to witness the event. There is an exchange of gifts between both sides of the family, and at this point, the betrothal between the bride and groom is announced publicly.

4. Manjha: It is a ritual that happens just two days before the wedding in which the bride and groom wear yellow clothes. They are both at home, and they also have a paste made of turmeric, sandalwood, and rosewater applied to them. After this, they take a bath in holy water and should not leave their home until the marriage is completed.

5. Mehendi: During this event, the women in the family along with the bride’s friends gather around her, and mehendi designs are applied by an expert. It is done on both the hands and feet quite elaborately, with the groom’s initials also done on her hand. It was found by the groom on the wedding night.

Muslim Wedding

6. Sanchaq: In this ceremony, members of the groom’s family make a visit to the bride’s family with many gifts. These include flowers, sweets, and a beautiful dress for the bride, along with accessories and jewelry. It symbolizes the love and affection of the male members of the groom’s family for her arrival at their home.

7. Baraat: The groom arrives in a lively procession, or baraat. He is wonderfully welcomed by the bride’s family with a sherbet. Rose water is sprinkled on everyone to mark the event.

It is at this point that the wedding ceremony begins, with the men and women sitting in separate areas. The Maulvi reads out passages from the Quran and asks the bride and groom about their acceptance of the marriage.

Muslim Wedding

They have to give their assent by saying Qubool Hai three times, after which the Nikahnama is signed. Then the Arsi Mushraf occurs, where the bride and groom sit beside one another, watching their reflection only on a mirror kept in front of them by the Holy Quran.

Now the Rukhsat occurs when the bride bids farewell to her family. When she arrives in her new home, she is warmly welcomed by her mother-in-law, who then takes the Holy Quran and places it on her head to indicate her duties as wife.

Next the Walimah, or reception, takes place when the bride is introduced to all the members of the groom’s family and also his extended relatives. There is an exchange of gifts, elaborate meals, and dancing. This event is followed by the Chauthi, where the bride and groom make a visit to the bride’s family. The groom is greeted warmly and affectionately, given lots of gifts, and there is a huge meal.

Knowing the various rituals of a traditional Muslim wedding enables you to understand how they occur, why, and what the meaning behind each of them is. In beautifully designed Muslim wedding invitations, you can see the time, date, and venue of the wedding, plus some additional information about certain ceremonies. Wear appropriate clothing and bring beautiful gifts for the bride or groom to make the event memorable.

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