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7 Comfort Wears to Enjoy Beach for Men




Planning your next trip to a nearby beach? Confused about what to shop for? Then here are a few items you should look for:

1. Swimwears

Going to the beach and not diving in the water is a crime and a greater crime is not wearing proper swimwear. Yes, if you are going to a beach for the weekend, it’s obvious most of your time will be spent swimming, underwater, or beside the water. That is why it is important to always keep comfortable and stylish swimwear handy.

If you don’t know where to begin your search, go ahead and check out Daily Jocks. they have an exclusive collection of men’s designer swimwear that is quirky, comfortable, and gives off beach vibes.

Don’t forget to check out their underwear collection. Since you are going to be near water, you will need underwears that are comfortable to wear and light in color.

2. Floral prints

No prints roar beach vibes louder than floral prints. These types of shirts are romantic, attractive, and breezy. Go for pastel or contrasting color combinations but don’t pick anything too dark, as they would absorb too much heat. Going for a walk in the sunset with your loved one is the best opportunity to make use of this shirt.

Tip: keep the sleeves folded up to your elbow, it looks much better like that. You can also keep the shirt unbuttoned and flaunt your abs but if you are a bit shy, button a few from the bottom, and keep some open from the top.

3. T-shirt and denim

No way I could have missed denim on this list. But wait I am not talking about long denim jeans. I am talking about denim shorts.

A t-shirt and denim shorts are some of the most classic outfits one can spot on men. Light colors such as white, yellow, or sky blue, made from 100% cotton can not only make you look stylish but will also help you breathe in that environment. Just pair it all up with classy sunglasses and that’s it. Simple and stylish, that will make heads turn.

4. Tank t-shirts and shorts

You can never get enough tank tops on a beach. These are perfect for men who feel too conscious about keeping their bodies bare and men who cannot wear too many shirts.

Also, if you think you cannot rock a tank top because you don’t have the body, you are wrong. If paired up nicely, a tank t-shirt paired with some denim shorts is one of the most comfortable and stylish beach menswear. Perhaps you’re out spending time on the beach for independence day, and you want to be patriotic with 4th of July shirts!

If you are feeling a bit out there, pair it up with the floral shirt, and voila… You’re ready to slay.

5. Chinos and shirts

Besides offices and dates, you can rock a shirt on the beach too.

There are a lot of men who don’t feel quite comfortable exposing their skin all the time. And if you are one of them, you should always have 2-3 pairs of good shirts in your travel bag.

Light-colored shirts made of linen, paired dark bottoms or chinos look smoking hot when carried with confidence. Moreover, you never know when your dream girl is gawking at you if you show up to a party in a shirt. So, never miss out on this clothing item.

Style hack: always keep some buttons opened and tuck only one half of the shirt inside and let the other side be carefree. It appears super stylish yet classy!

6. Quirky prints

Floral prints and tank tops are all nice, but there’s a different vibe in quirky prints. It just feels so comfortable and gives off string beachy vibes. But the best part? Wear it any time of the day and it will appear stylish ALWAYS!

You can also use them for wrapping around your body after you are done swimming or surfing because it’s quite light and breathable.

And if you want to get total Hawaiian vibes, don’t miss out on the beach hats, orchid garlands, flip flops, and sunglasses. I am sure you will love it.

7. Shoes

Even though this list was all about clothes, how can you miss out on shoes?

So, choose something that’s comfortable for your feet such as flip flops or crocs. These types of shoes will not let any kind of dirt pile up inside and will make movements easier.

Now that you know what you need for your beach trip, it’s time to go out and shop. Have fun!



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