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What Happens if Something Gets Damaged During Moving?



moving damage
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The objective of moving is to reach your new destination safely and ensure that your items and property arrive intact too. A significant concern during a relocation is potential damage to your precious belongings.

Your prized possessions can still suffer damage during a move, even when you hire a professional mover. With leading Boston Moving Company, it is a rare occurrence that items or belongings are damaged while moving.

Some typical forms of moving damage that occur during a move include:

  • Scratches and dents
  • Breakage of delicate or fragile items
  • Electronics malfunction
  • Furniture damage or breakage
  • Water damage
  • Loss of items

If you hire a moving company to handle all your packing and moving, they will create an inventory list of all the items they pack and move for you. You can make a personalised list of belongings, valuables, furniture, and appliances.

It’s vital to take photos of your items before and after the move, especially the valuable and rare pieces.

If you discover damage to your belongings during the move, call or email your moving company to report the damage and ask about the resolution process.

After you notify your movers of the damage, they may try to settle. You have the right to decline. You may have an entitlement to more than they’re offering.

You may pay your bill on time and follow the proper procedure regarding damages.

If you fail to resolve the dispute with the moving company, you can file a lawsuit in court.

The law does not permit movers to have customers sign a receipt or waiver agreement which relieves the mover from liability for loss or damage.

If you hire a renowned professional mover, you will receive insurance coverage for your items. The coverage will differ depending on what type of move it is.

Federal law requires out-of-state movers to offer customers two liability coverage options – Full Value Protection or Limited Liability Protection.

Under Full Value Protection coverage, movers are liable for the replacement value of lost or damaged items. However, this coverage is optional.

Under Limited Liability Protection or Release Value Protection, your mover is responsible for no more than sixty cents per pound per article. Movers offer this option at no extra charge. However, this coverage is not comprehensive.

At Anton Mover, we recommend adding third-party insurance coverage to Limited Liability Protection.

Homeowners’ insurance usually does not cover personal property damage during a move.

Boston Movers Taking Proactive Measures To Prevent Incidents of Property Damage During Moves

At Anton Movers, we’ve got over twenty years of experience, expertise, and an unblemished record of moving the most fragile and delicate items and property intact and unharmed.

Choosing a reputed moving company is vital for a smooth and damage-free move. Research moving companies, read customer reviews, check credentials, and seek referrals.

Do you need professional help with your upcoming move? Call now to get a free quote and consultation. Anton Movers is here for all your moving needs.


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