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Determining Who is at Fault in a Tragic Truck Accident

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Determining Who is at Fault in a Tragic Truck Accident

Accidents that involve a truck can be devastating given the size and weight of the vehicle involved. If you are a victim of this type of accident, you must know what occurred and who is responsible for the accident so you can get what you are entitled to quickly. For this, you need the legal assistance of a reputable truck accident law firm. The best firm has attorneys who understand that different parties may be at fault for your accident and know how to hold them accountable.

Determining Fault in Your Truck Accident

While some truck accidents are clear-cut, others might require an investigation to determine fault. Before you point the finger at who might be to blame for the accident, you need to cover all your bases. The best attorney to work with will leave no stone unturned to determine liability. They might consult truck industry experts and an accident reconstruction specialist. Also, the lawyer might interview witnesses and have a mechanic check the truck.

In a truck accident, some of the most common parties to blame include the truck driver, the trucking company, the truck owner, a mechanic, a parts manufacturer, cargo loaders, and a repair shop. It is important to assign fault since you must name everyone who could be responsible for your lawsuit.

When a Truck Driver Caused the Accident

The majority of motor vehicle accidents resulted from driver errors. Thus, the truck driver may have done something that caused the accident. Your attorney will look into the most common causes of trucking accidents in which the driver was responsible. Also, they will review driver logs to determine if they met break and driving time requirements. Your attorney will review cell phone records and other data. In fact, their investigation might include drug testing.

When a Trucking Company is Responsible

Trucking companies are legally required to hire and train drivers with the appropriate knowledge to drive large rigs. Otherwise, this can lead to unsafe practices, equipment failures, and other issues. Also, trucking companies need to properly maintain trucks and keep records. An attorney knows how to uncover any evidence that points to the fault of the trucking company.

While the truck driver or trucking company may be responsible, their insurance providers will be financially liable. The insurance company will pay for your damages. And because the company may also have a team of attorneys, you must have one on your side to thoroughly investigate the accident and hold the parties who caused the crash accountable.

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