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Drug Rehabilitation: Is There A Difference Between European and Asia?



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Substance abuse is a definite villain that relentlessly ruins a person’s life, especially if they do not seek treatment. However, there are people who think that they don’t need any help in overcoming their addiction, but once you start to question yourself if you need to get help, you most likely do. There are a variety of ways on how you can get a helping hand–and one of them is the various drug addiction treatment given by several drug rehabilitation institutions.

As per Jason Shiers of Wide World Coaching, “Regardless of the opinion of organisations, modalities of treatment, fellowships, concepts and ideas about how to treat people, the most important thing is the grounding of the helper, and love, compassion, and understanding for the person suffering.” Jason Shiers emphasized that you have to do whatever you can to help yourself and ask for help from others, such as seeking a transformative coach of confining oneself to a drug rehabilitation center. If you want to read more life-changing blogs and articles, you can click here and learn more.

Drug rehabilitation is not the same in every country, though. The treatments vary geographically. Listed below are the differences in drug rehab between European and Asian countries.

addiction,Understanding What is the Drug Rehab Treatment Process Like

How is drug rehabilitation in Europe done?

As usual, people need to determine the treatment they need, assess its cost, and decide whether their insurance covers it. Most European countries give public treatment in recovery centers, which is relatively cheap because it is either covered by insurance or government-funded.

  • Outpatient rehab – According to AddictionCenter [3], specialized outpatient treatment is the most popular option for those seeking drug rehabilitation in Europe. Over 973,000 patients were receiving the treatment back in 2017.
  • Heroin-assisted Treatments – In 2009, the United Kingdom allowed the usage of heroin in treatments. This is usually only viable for those who have serious heroin problems. They are treated by injecting heroin daily, gradually reducing their addiction to it. [1] Since that year, the UK has been running permanent heroin clinics that are government-funded.
  • Substitution Therapy – A treatment used in Germany in which patients are given an “addictive-like substance” [2] to divert their addiction from the former drug they are using.

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How is drug rehabilitation in Asia done?

For those who come from western countries, rehabilitation centers in Asia are more affordable. But, aside from the cost, the stark difference of drug rehabilitation methods between Asia and Europe is their execution.

  • Holistic method – Drug rehab in Asia uses the combination of clinical and psychological treatments, compared to European techniques, which are most, if not purely, clinical and drug-based.
  • Thailand’s “House of Compassion” is a private, non-profit rehabilitation center for 14 to 55-year-old men who suffer from drug abuse. Therapeutic modes of treatment from 4 to 18 months are given to the patients, consisting of spiritual, psychological, physical, and social care aimed to achieve social reintegration.
  • Overall healing – Drug rehabilitation centers in Asia do not only focus on getting rid of the patient’s drug addiction. It is their main priority, but Asian drug treatments ensure that the patient is psychologically and physically good enough to become a new functional member of society.

No matter how the rehabilitation differs from each other, recovering from drug abuse takes time, whether you get treatment from a European or Asian facility. Drug dependence is hard to overcome, so you have to take your time to decide which options are more suitable for you.


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