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Writing a Term Paper: Practical and Theoretical Significance of the Study

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Writing a Term Paper

As a college student sooner or later you will face an assignment of writing term papers. This is an important part of a student’s academic performance and influences the general score. That is why some of the students prefer to buy term paper from a professional writing service to make sure that all the requirements are met. Others seek information all over the Internet on how to make your writing outstanding. This article will help you to clarify an essential part of it.

Any term paper should have a scientific background and be useful to society. Therefore, the main requirements for coursework are practical and theoretical relevance. Let’s consider what it is.

What is the practical relevance of the research?

The practical relevance is that the results of your term paper can be used in society. These are theoretical conclusions projected onto reality. Where and how the results of the study will be applied and what do you need to do for this?

In most universities, this section of the term paper is considered the main one. It determines the quality of the research.

How to determine

To determine the practical relevance of the term paper, it is necessary to understand what real-world tasks help to solve the data obtained during the theoretical study.

You should also pay attention to whether your results can be applied in further scientific research on the chosen topic and this field of science, whether it makes sense to include them in various methods, normative documents, programs, and forecasts, in what their practical significance is expressed.

Do not confuse it with the practical relevance of the topic of your term paper, which is revealed before the study. On the contrary, you have to write what came out in the process of research.

Depending on the object of study the definition of “practical significance” may be:

  • the results of their own or someone else’s unfinished research;
  • new information on an issue that complements what is already known;
  • new methodology;
  • proof of perspective in the study of the subject;
  • calculation in real figures of the effectiveness of the proposed innovation;
  • calculation of costs for further, broader research.

How to write

Many universities require that the practical relevance is in the introduction to the term paper.

Of course, much of the writing depends on the scientific topic, on the specifics of the research subject, but there are basic points to be formulated:

  • economic benefit;
  • what is the improvement in a particular area that will be achieved through your work;
  • clear, without “water” solution of the tasks set;
  • a prediction of how the results achieved will influence the development of the topic by other researchers.

To succeed in your presentation, you need to have good case studies, and you need to be able to present your thoughts in a concise, accessible, and coherent manner. Everything you write must be logically connected.

It is important not only to understand yourself but also to be able to convey the meaning of your work to your readers.

A big plus is if you have documentary evidence of the conclusions made. For example, acts of implementation, regulations, references, letters of recommendation, etc.

What is the theoretical significance of the research?

A description of theoretical significance, as well as practical relevance, should be in the introduction. It is determined by whether your research has an element of scientific novelty. A high level of theory confirms the existence of practical conclusions, so it is necessary to approach this stage of the term paper seriously and in detail.

The theory is the foundation on which the structure of your conclusions is built. If it is shoddy, or weak, the structure itself will collapse, no matter how beautiful and strong it is. And all the rest of the work will end up meaningless.

If practical relevance answers the question “What for?”, then theoretical significance answers the question ” What’s the purpose?”

How to determine

To do this, answer additional questions:

  • what theoretical knowledge will allow you to put the results of your term paper into practice;
  • how to confirm from the scientific point of view the conclusions obtained during the research;
  • what arguments can prove or disprove the questions and issues that have arisen in parallel;
  • what objections may arise, how to participate in the debate and discussion of the hypothesis put forward;
  • whether there is a perspective for the development of the topic, what needs to be done for it in the future, and how to motivate further research;
  • what experiments can be conducted to prove the theory you have proposed.

It is possible to formulate other questions. The main thing from which it is necessary to be guided – is usefulness. Who will need what you are writing about? How will it improve the lives of individuals or society as a whole? What will it mean for future generations?

How to write

Try to look at the object of research from all sides. Think about whether you have covered it enough, whether your conclusions do not contradict something, and how logical and relevant what you propose is.

List your goals and objectives. Don’t forget the academic sources you used. Refer to them to prove your arguments and suggestions.

Every academic discipline has its pitfalls. If you have doubts about making a beneficial impression on your professors or are pondering the wording, it is better to check some essay writing service reddit reviews and get professional help with this particular part or the whole term paper itself. We are all different and it’s ok if you are not a master in academic writing. Luckily, you can always get some help!


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