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Finding Parking Near Melbourne Airport – The Good The Bad and The Ugly

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Finding Parking Near Melbourne Airport - The Good The Bad and The Ugly

With the summer holidays in sight, you’re probably making travel plans. Whether you’re going abroad or across the country, it’s important to get every detail right to ensure a hassle-free vacation.

Getting to the airport on time is top priority, but many people leave this aspect out during the planning stage. You could find yourself scrambling to book a cab or getting caught in rush-hour crowds on the Metro.

If you’re a local in Melbourne, you have a range of options such as taxis, car rentals, ride share, chauffeur services, buses, bikes or motorbikes. Travelers coming in from beyond the city may prefer to drive into the airport, park close to their terminals, fly out and pick up their cars on the return trip.

As seasoned travelers, you may have considered driving your own car in to the airport, but been put off by the struggle of finding parking space in the official Melbourne Airport car park facilities. However costs are high for this car park, and travellers are often left wondering where to park for a reasonable price when they travel.

One solution is to opt for unitedairportparking in Trade Park Drive Tullamarine – they provide cheaper secure undercover parking very close to Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne.

Benefits of Airport Parking

Whether it’s long term parking, or just for a weekend or even a day, airport parking is a viable option that offers a range of great benefits.

1. Cost saving: Taxis and ride shares can be expensive and overload your travel budget, especially during peak hours. If you have luggage, taking other forms of transport is not practical. Driving your own car into the airport is a better plan because you can choose to travel at the most convenient time, arrive and depart in comfort.

2. Time saving: Uber or taxis can be unpredictable, especially if it’s rush hour when many drivers cancel because they can’t get to you fast enough. When it’s your own car, you can choose the shortest route, avoid traffic and get to the airport well in time. When you return, you don’t have to waste time booking a ride, and go through the anxiety of waiting. You simply have to pick up your own car from the parking area and drive off.

3. Safety: A huge advantage of using the airport parking facilities is that your vehicle stays protected from theft and vandalism. Many airport parking areas are covered, providing safety from the elements as well.

4. Peace of Mind: Both while coming in to the airport and leaving, you have complete peace of mind because you’re driving yourself, in your own vehicle. This is important if you’re a solo traveler, and you have late night or early morning flights. In case of flight delays or if your flight is canceled, you can opt to return home in your own car.

5. Easy Access: When you opt for airport parking, you have easy access to the airport. Most airports offer a convenient shuttle service from parking areas. If you opt for a private parking facility, these are very simple and easy to access online.

Finding Parking Near Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport’s general parking facilities have some great features, and also some that could raise your blood pressure.

Let’s look at the bright side first:

There are plenty of “help” intercoms located conveniently near the payment facilities, all parking levels and the entry/exit gates.

They offer a refund facility if for some reason you need to get your money back.

Their overstay guarantee is a great feature if you have to extend your parking beyond the expected time.

There are different payment options available, such as Value, Terminal and Premium.

Locating a spot can be done using the convenient signage and color coded LED lights.

One of the biggest complaints that people have about finding parking in Melbourne Airport is the very high price of parking.

On the Other Hand:

Last year, there were reports of huge snafus in the airport parking’s billing system. A new QR code feature was introduced, but it came with several glitches, and hundreds of customers had to apply for refunds.

Tullamarine Airport (Melbourne Airport) is the second busiest in Australia and you could go around in circles almost endlessly before finding the right parking.

Limited parking areas are the bane of most airports and this one is no different. Ground side parking may not be available leading to reduced capacity to provide parking lots, roads, shelters and safety features.

Delays can wreck your peace of mind as you could get caught in traffic in the parking area itself as drivers look for convenient spots.

There’s no doubt that airport parking is expensive whether you need or long term or short term parking. Parking fees form a significant percentage of the airport’s revenue stream and they are subject to regular changes, as costs go up.

While there’s no doubt that your vehicle remains safe in a dedicated parking area, it could get inadvertently damaged by careless drivers. You could return to find scratches, dents, broken glass and more on your car. Worse still, if you’ve left it for a long time, the battery could die out, and this is a major stress inducer.

Finding convenient, affordable and easily available parking in the airport is often the first step in your holiday journey. If that doesn’t go well, it could spoil your mood, leaving you irritable and anxious.

Parking problems affect not just travelers. Airport employees are also subject to the same issues. This means they can’t get to their stations on time, leading to other delays.

Private Parking Facility

A viable solution is to opt for a private parking facility within the airport, or located nearby. There are several highly reputed companies that offer this facility, and many of them are international franchisees or branches.

They offer good benefits such as optimal clearance between vehicles, eliminating the problem of parking lot accidents.

You can avail of an option that best suits your needs, preferences and budget. You can select a parking area that’s located closer to your terminal. International travelers and those flying certain airlines can select parking close to Terminals 1, 2 and 3, while travelers on other airlines can select parking located closer to Terminal 4.

Most private parking companies provide courtesy transport to and from the parking areas.

They use state of the art technology to simplify the process and make it easier and faster. License plate recognition, dedicated disabled parking, easy payment options, access to baggage trolleys, corporate, business and frequent traveler benefit accounts, easy online booking and more are some of the features that a top-grade professional parking company can offer.

Airport parking is certainly a great option to save time and money, and also ensure that your vacation starts and ends smoothly.

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