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Games You Can Play With Your Friends with Decks of Cards



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There is no denying that gambling and sports betting are at the top of the industry when it comes to money-making opportunities today. Not only is there the potential of opening your own online casino, but the is the potential of becoming a professional card shark.

Of course, either is going much harder than it sounds, but the main point is, they are both real potentials. Not only this, but there are fun ways that you can earn a few bucks or just get a laugh by taking advantage of fun card propositions. Try these fun card propositions with your friends and family!

Plat The Two Deck of Cards Turnover

This one involves taking two decks of playing cards and pacing them right next to each other. You can shuffle them or even let your friends do the shuffling for an added effect. Once the cards are shuffled an in place, you are simply going to turn over one card at a time from each deck.

Your goal will be to bet your friend that at some point there is going to be an identical match. If there is a match, you will win. If there are no matches after all 52 cards have been turned over, your friend will be the winner. For instance, if you turn over the first card from each deck and get two kings of the exact same suite, you will be the winner.

It seems highly unlikely that something like this would happen and your friends will be more than eager to jump on an action like this. However, the odds are in your favor. In fact, you have a 26 percent edge that there will be a match.

Try The Paint Card Cut

Any of your friends that like to gamble with online casinos like agen bola are going to jump on this proposition right away. This one just involves taking a traditional deck of 52 playing cards, shuffling them, and separating them into three piles.

The goal is to goad your friend into betting big money that at least one of the cards from the three piles is going to be a face or painted card (Jack, King, or Queen). This seems like a highly unlikely probability given that there are only a total of 12 pained cards in an entire deck.

That’s just a quarter of the deck. Here’s the real kicker though. Your friend only gets three flips. Your friend will only be declared the winner after flipping three sets of cards three times without getting a face card. This one might not be a guarantee like the two-deck turnover, but you still have a 5 to 4 chance of drawing a face or painted card.

After Thoughts

Just remember that at the end of the day card tricks like this come down to pure luck. Even though it is obvious that the odds are in your corner, there is no guarantee lock. Not only this, but you have to be careful about how you approach games like this because you might end up losing some friends in the process. Just be gentle and only have fun with games of chance like this.


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