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How Window Replacement Design Changing How We See the World



How Window Replacement Design Changing How We See the World , window contractor

Window replacement is a once in a while project. Because it is not something you do daily, the project can be challenging in the selection stage. Imagine having shopped for windows about 30 years ago. Probably few manufacturers were offering limited or similar options.

Today, replacement window selection can take you weeks before deciding which design and manufacturer to use. So, it is prudent to gather as much information about the windows as you can. Consider the type of finishing you want, window size, style, the material used, energy-efficiency, and other features. Let us look at different types of window replacement styles available.

Double-hung and single-hung windows

These window replacement units are similar, and you can differentiate them with how their sections move. Single-hung windows only have one sash moving. You can move it from top to down while the other sash remains immovable.

Double-hung windows have both of their sashes moving up and down. Single and double-hung windows are easy to clean because they can be tilted inwards when cleaning.

Bay and Bow Windows

These are showy windows that protrude outwards. Bays and bows add extra space to your floor where you can set a small shelf, a couch, or any other purpose. When considering a home’s architecture, bays are excellent for use in modern designs, while bows look more aesthetic on old architects.

Bay window replacement styles are more affordable than bows. They have more space because they are deeply curved and are preferred for this feature. The choice of these windows is mainly dependent on the budget and your taste.

Picture Windows

If you enjoy unobstructed views of the outside, these are ideal windows for your house. One thing to note is they are fixed. So, when a contractor installs them, you can never open them, making them unsuitable for homeowners who enjoy natural ventilation.

However, you can benefit from natural lighting if your house is located in a place that allows light in. Picture window replacement units cannot be used for emergency exits. You may want to consider having a window for this purpose if you do not depend on natural ventilation and want to have picture windows only.

Cleaning these windows can be a bit tedious because of their size. You also have to clean them from the inside and outside the house to continue enjoying clear views.

Sliding Windows

These window replacement units are ideal for use in houses with short walls. They contain two movable panels that slide on a track and cross each other for closing and opening. You can enjoy ventilating your home when using these windows.

You should keep in mind that they open in the size of one panel. So, they don’t actually provide a huge opening when open because they need a resting space when open.

Sliding windows are often fixed at the upper part of the wall. Because they are commonly used on short walls, a significant space is left between the window base and the floor.

Casement Windows

These windows have their hinges on the sides and crank outwards. When using these, ensure there are no obstructions on the exterior to avoid damaging them. These windows can help in allowing the flow of air in the house, keeping it fresh.

Casement windows are easy to use and make perfect options for use in the kitchen. Positioning them above the kitchen sink is brilliant.

Casement windows are easy to clean and can be cleaned from the inside. So, you don’t waste time moving back and forth.

Custom Shape Windows

These are often fixed in places that are not easy to reach. Like the picture windows, they are immovable. Custom windows are used for lighting a room, and you can use any size you want. Additionally, you can use aesthetic panes to make them look appealing. These windows, however, can be challenging to clean because of their position.

Customized Windows

You can customize any of these window replacement styles using unique finishes and sizes. Customized windows allow you to have a design only special to you. Choose different hardware from the ones available and go with the frame material that feels more complementing to your house design.

Think Of The Trims with Window Replacement

They do more than just add to your new windows’ appearance. Window trims provide structural integrity to ensure your new installations last while also helping with insulation. Certain window types match well with specific trims, like simple trims for picture-style windows and faux wood for those going for that rustic finish without using the material. Consult experts like the Hardie Boys and similar ones in your area for more advice.

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