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Jason Sudeikis And Olivia Wilde Discuss Their Custody Battle Brutally

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(CTN News) – Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde have been divorced for two years. They have two children together. She recently revealed the details of her custody battle with Sudeikis.

After dating for a few years and getting engaged in 2013, the couple divorced in 2020. At CinemaCon in Las Vegas in April, Wilde was served custody papers for her upcoming film Don’t Worry Darling.

Wilde spoke openly about the incident in a new interview with Variety, saying, “It was at my workplace.”. If this had happened anywhere else, it would be considered an attack. It was very upsetting. She added, “That shouldn’t have happened.”

There was a significant breach of security. The hurdles you had to jump through to reach that room with several badges, plus special COVID tests you had to take days in advance, which granted access to the room

Wilde went on to say, “I hated that this nastiness distracted from the work of so many different people and the studio I represented.” It was really vicious of you to try to undermine such an influential project.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t easily distracted; I had a job to do. However, it wasn’t something that was entirely surprising to me. That relationship ended for a reason.”

As well as the way Wilde was served the papers, Sudeikis has condemned it. His response was that it was “inappropriate” and that he was unaware of the public nature of it.

It was determined that Ms. Wilde and Mr. Jason Sudeikis ‘ children would be dealt with in court, according to a previous statement from the actor’s representatives. I respect your opinion, Mr. Sudeikis was unaware of the time or location at which the envelope would be delivered.

Jason Sudeikis decision would be solely up to the process service company, and he would never sanction such an inappropriate method of serving her.”

In her own statement, Wilde said she did not believe Jason Sudeikis was unaware of what would happen. It was clear from Jason’s actions that he was trying to intimidate me and catch me off guard.

In spite of the fact that he could have served me discreetly, he chose to serve me in the most aggressive way possible. It is extremely contrary to our children’s well-being and interests that Jason Sudeikis would embarrass me professionally and put our personal conflicts on display in this manner.”

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