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WHO: Two-Thirds of the World Now Has Covid-19 Antibodies

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Two-Thirds of the Worlds Population H ave Covid-19 Antibodies

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than two-thirds of the world’s population probably have significant levels of Covid-19 antibodies, indicating they were infected or vaccinated.

The WHO said that seroprevalence rates soared to 67% in October from 16% in February, in a summary of studies from around the world. The figure is probably even higher now that the fast-spreading omicron variant has emerged.

This WHO report offers a snapshot of how well the world is coping with the pandemic. Despite vaccines only providing modest protection against infection with Omicron, the WHO still urged countries to boost vaccination rates, especially for people in high-risk groups.

This is because vaccination gives better protection against severe disease than a previous Covid-19 infection.

Most studies have found that people who have been exposed to Covid-19 and vaccinated have the highest protection against severe outcomes. However, it is unclear if that will hold true with the new variants, the WHO said.

According to the WHO, children under 9 and people over 60 have lower levels of seroprevalence than those in their 20s. Most seroprevalence in low- and middle-income countries is due to past infections rather than vaccinations.

Immunity generally diminishes over time, and the level and persistence of immunity are influenced by a variety of factors, the health organization said. It added that further research is needed to determine how quickly protection fades.

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