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What is the nature of Water by Viktor Schauberger?



Viktor Schauberger

Curiosity, devotion, and brilliance are what it takes to take inspiration and make it your life mission to set out finding the answer to it. Viktor Schauberger is that individual, thanks to whom we now have a better understanding of the energies related to water and vortexing mechanics.

Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian scientist in the 19th Century who dedicated his life to studying water and all of its unique structure, properties, and benefits. This man was not only a scientist who yearned to learn all about water but a brilliant inventor, philosopher, and mastermind. His lifelong work included studies of understanding how nature and earth existed in their most natural habitat. One of his most impactful studies on water’s movement, properties, and ways to bring vitality back to the water is what shaped many water treatments today. His studies succeed him, and they form a lot of basis for understanding what water truly is.

Today we’ll cover the life work of Viktor Schauberger, diving into his beliefs of water in nature, its vitality, and his inventions for vortexing water.

The Basics of Vortex Water

Viktor Schauberger was born in Austria in 1885; despite his lack of academic background, he had a remarkable understanding of the sciences. His curiosity and intellect are what prompted him to dive headfirst into questions others were overlooking. His research of water’s natural state is what brought about something known as vortex water. Viktor believed water to be a living organism that was a foundation of life and often characterized it as the “Blood of Mother Nature,” as water is what gives all life on earth vitality.

Vortex water, or as frequently named, Structured water, is what Viktor Schauberger believed and thought to be water in its most optimal state. Schauberger found water that was in mountain springs or other untouched water sources had a unique micro-clustered molecular structure that was formed in a hexagonal shape. This unique molecular form allowed vortex water to give phenomenal benefits never observed before. However, this exact molecular structure was not present with water that was supplied or used in homes; why was this so, and how beneficial is it truly?

How are vortexed created in water

Schauberger attributed the hexagonal structure to what gave water its limitless benefits found in spring waters as opposed to well waters. He discovered through his research that the energy created from the flow and ebb of water movements in spring waters constructed the molecular form. He found that structure and energy were lost when the water supplied to towns went through stagnation in movement. The loss of structure is furthered in today’s day as water goes through numerous filtration systems and chemical additives.

To revitalize the water structure, Schauberger deemed it vital to understand water in its most natural state and take into account all of the laws it abides by. To truly feel the water come ‘alive,’ we have to recognize the properties of water, and best try to accommodate them. For this, he invented the vortex water treatment, which used the double spiral function to best imitate the flow movement of water found in nature. The recreation of movement allows water to alleviate stagnation and revive its structure as if it is in nature.

Let’s read more about all the benefits Vortex Water has to offer.

Understand the benefits of vortexing water

As Viktor Schauberger found, the structure of vortex water not only makes the water filled with more energy and vitality but brings more life to all surroundings. Vortex water has these distinct properties, which in turn give numerous benefits to us.


Vortex water has the ability to continuously self-cleanse, which allows water to become more robust against all contaminants. Instead of having water filtered through a system, constant cleansing ensures more sterilized water.

Regulated Minerals

Our bodies, our environment, and plants all need nourishment from essential minerals, but if these minerals are skewed, be it excessive levels of minerals or lack of them we all face issues. Vortex water constantly has regulated essential minerals where there never will be drawbacks of lack of minerals or excess of them.

Increased Dissolved Oxygen Levels

Dissolved Oxygen in water is vital for improving the environment, particularly crucial in wastewater management. Studies have shown vortex water to have increased levels of dissolved oxygen, benefitting us and the environment simultaneously.

Balanced pH Levels

Regular water often faces off-balanced pH levels, sometimes leaning too alkaline and other times too acidic. On the other hand, Vortex water has been shown to fall between the optimal levels of 6.8 and 7.2 perpetually. Neutral pH levels prevent all drawbacks caused by skewed pH levels, such as faster corrosion or increased staining.

Here are some of the proven ways the properties of Vortex Water brings benefits to us:

  • Eliminate all water contaminants, viruses, and bacteria;
  • Hydrate deeper and for longer periods of time;
  • Help improve bodily functions;
  • Decrease limescale and mineral build-up;
  • Healthier skin and hair;
  • Less water quantity used for irrigation;
  • Reduce maintenance requirements caused by water corrosion;
  • Assist in efficient wastewater management;
  • Help plants grow and flourish.

Continuing Viktor Schauberger’s Legacy – The Vortex Water Revitalizer™

Viktor Schauberger set the groundwork and introduced the world to the fundamentals of water’s inner nature and its importance. The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ takes these teachings and puts them as the foundation for all innovation.

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ was established in 2003 and, since then, has helped thousands of customers get true quality water in their homes and businesses. The CEO and founder of The World Living Water Systems Ltd., Mikael Lund, believes in the philosophies of Viktor Schauberger and sees the tremendous impact it has on the world.

As Viktor Schauberger teaches, The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ takes his dogma and presents customers with accessible, affordable, and straightforward water treatments. The belief in the positive impact of vortex water on humans and the environment alike is what drives the initiative and motivation to deliver the highest quality vortex water treatments to clients worldwide.

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ has the fundamental mechanics of a double spiral to help best recreate the flow movement needed for vortex water. With added bonuses of a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a 10-Year Limited Warranty, no customer is left unsatisfied!

Go over to The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ to read more about Viktor Schauberger’s teachings and find the ideal vortexing machine to best fit your vortex water needs!


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