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5 Tips to Layer your Bed for Summer



Bed for Summe

Winter is almost gone, and summer is around the corner. And now, it is time for you to get rid of all the wool and warm blankets. It’s time for you to change your bed layers now as well. Because nobody likes to wake up in the middle of the night because of heat creeping through the bedding, it becomes uncomfortable to sleep in, and your sleep cycle gets highly disturbed. Now, it is essential to choose your summer bedding nicely to get yourself a peaceful night.

Here are five tips for layering your bed for summer

1. Summer quilts

Even if it is summer, you need a quilt to sleep over it or sleep under it. Quilts are warm bedding and help you sleep comfortably at night. Although some people prefer to sleep without quilts, some literally cannot sleep without some cover covering them. So, one can use summer quilts, they protect your body, and you will feel comfortable sleeping under them. You can also buy quilt covers online. Make sure to buy lighter colors; dark colors absorb more heat and make you warm and uncomfortable. It is important to sleep comfortably during the summer.

2. Sheets

Choose your mattress wisely. It is essential to choose your mattress wisely to sleep comfortably at night. There are some sheets that absorb heat and will disturb your sleep at night. There is a mattress pad available that provides a cooling effect. They are available online or in the stores, offline.

Above your mattress, you should use the bedding sheet, locks moisture, and has thermoregulation. It should be lightweight and soft to not get too uncomfortable when you sleep at night. There is a cooling sheet available in the market, and there are mattresses available that releases moisture and give you a comfortable sleep at night.

3. Choose lighter colors

Dark colors absorb more heat and moisture than lighter colors. When you choose the layers of your bed, try choosing lighter colors for your bedding. Dark colors like black and dark blue absorb more heat and give you uncomfortable sleepless nights. Whereas lighter colors like white, pink, golden don’t lock in much heat and will not provide you uncomfortable and sleepless nights. Some light colors like blue and white repel all the heat; this makes it the perfect color when choosing summer bedding.

It would be best if you also tried to avoid sheets made of cotton in the summers. Cotton sheets absorb heat and do not release the heat, which will make you feel overheated. This will give you sleepless and uncomfortable summer nights.

4. Lighter top layer

When all your bedding is done, try to choose a light top layer to cover your bedding. Comforters that are heavy will lead to many uncomfortable nights, which you would not prefer much. Keep away the heavy comforter you used in winter; get yourself a lighter comforter for your summer bedding.

There are comforters designed which pull in the moisture your skin is leaving behind. The comforters will help you evaporate the moisture, which will help you remain cool. Try to choose a light color, and it will help you have cozy and peaceful nights in the summer. They are available both online and offline.

5. Throw blanket

Some people use a blanket to cover themselves up, even in the summer. But that does not mean they have to use thick blankets, which we basically use in the winter. There are throw blankets available that are lightweight and breathable.

One should avoid blankets made of fleece or wool; they will make you feel hot in the middle of the night, resulting in sleepless nights. Thus, it would be best if you bought yourself lightweight throw blankets. Try not to buy dark colors because they absorb more heat than necessary. Try to buy lighter colors for good nights.

Final Thoughts

So, these are five tips that you can use to layer your bedding for summer. Also, try to use thick curtains for your bedrooms; this will keep your bedroom cooler than usual. I hope our blog helps you choose the perfect bedding for your summer.


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