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Tips To Select The Cushion Foam For Upholstery



Cushion Foam

Cushion Foam For Upholstery: After purchasing your new house, it’s time to look into the interiors and their decoration. From couches to beds to shelves- there are so many things that you will need to explore in order for the house to look complete.

When it comes to the sofas or cushions, the kind of cushion foam you use is very important. If you select a foam that costs less but is of poor quality, you’ll have to keep changing it again and again.

The lifespan of a cushion foam depends mostly on its quality and the frequency of using it. Here are a few tips for you to select the cushion foam for upholstery.

1. High resilience foam

This kind of foam weighs around 2.8-3 pounds per cubic foot. It is the best quality foam you can use for your sofas since it has a very quick return action. It also gives a nice bounce when you sit on it.

High resilience foams are also extremely comfortable, which is why they are known as the king of upholstery foaming. It also has the highest longevity among other foam types. The minimum qualifying weight in order to be categorized as high resilience foam is 2.5 pounds per cubic foot.

Due to its high buoyancy and resilience, it is one of the most popular kinds of foam available in the market. It lasts for nearly 8-10 years.

2. Lux foam

Lux foam is formed at 2.2 pounds per cubic foot. If you wish to have a firmer foam cushion, this is ideal for you. Lux is a good quality foam that is a better version of the industrial-grade high-density foam. The average foam cushions are made of this type of foam.

Similar to the high resilience foam, lux foam also has a quick return action. This means that it will return to its original shape very quickly after being compressed. This foam is also pretty durable and lasts for nearly six to eight years. Lux foam is ideal for everyday applications.

3. High-Density foam

This is the most common kind of foam found in the market. Industrial-grade high-density foam is formed at 1.9 pounds per cubic foot. High-density foam is the most commonly used foam due to its price to performance ratio.

At very low prices, you can get an amazing cushion foam. This kind of foam lasts for about four to six years or so. If you’re looking for a wide variety of high-density foam, you should definitely check out Clark Rubber.

Their amazing collection of foam and rubber will give you a great idea of which kind of cushion foam to choose for your upholstery.

4. Commercial-grade polyurethane foam

This is a relatively cheap form of cushion foam at 1.2 pounds per cubic foot. Most home furnishing stores use this kind of foam. The disadvantage of using commercial-grade polyurethane foam is that they are not very comfortable to sit on.

Over time, they lose their quality and need to be replaced frequently. It is also the lightest foam cushion, which is why it lasts for about one to two years at most. When this kind of foam forms sink areas, it does not return to its original shape since it has little to no bounce quality.

5. Memory foam

Memory foam is another good-quality foam that weighs around 3 pounds per cubic foot. However, if you are planning to use it for your sofa sets, it’s not a very good idea. Memory foam will be too squishy and floppy if you use it as a solid piece of foam. It is also pretty heavy, which can seem slightly uncomfortable.

Memory foams are best when used as a 1 or 2-inch thick topper layer. On the other hand, if you want to choose foam for your mattress, memory foam is ideal.

6. Latex foam

Latex foam weighs 5.6 pounds per cubic foot. It is also an excellent type of foam to be used for sofa cushions but is very expensive. Latex foam can last for a decade and feels amazing when you sit on it.

Over to you…

The upholstery market is advancing day by day. The global market size in 2020 was 13.2 billion dollars. So there are endless options for you to choose from. If you need an expert’s opinion, just contact Clark Rubber and let them provide you with the best materials possible.

Daylom upholstery Sydney provides a customized and straightforward method and can manage both small and large projects. Our experience ranges from big commercial fit-outs to the rescue and restoration of mid-century modern furniture.


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