Well-Being And Mental Health: What's The Connection?
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Well-Being And Mental Health: What’s The Connection?



Well-Being And Mental Health: What's The Connection?

(CTN News) – Mental Health; Scars that run deep are often unseen. It is imperative to heal the mind as well as the body in today’s stressful, anxious, and depressive society.

Emotional struggles require the same attention as physical wounds, since they are just as real and harmful. We must ensure our mental well-being when success is celebrated and expectations are high.

Emotional, psychological, and social well-being all contribute to mental health.

Our interactions, aspirations, and self-perception are built on it.

Mental well-being requires as much attention as our physical health. A proactive approach and self-awareness are required. We connect our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and relationships at the nexus of mental health.

Our well-being is woven into this intricate web, shaping our perception and interaction with the world.

The mental health of our body is influenced by a wide range of factors, such as thoughts and emotions, behaviors and habits, social connection, self-awareness and growth, resilience and adaptability, mind-body connection, and holistic wellbeing, just as a tapestry is composed of a variety of threads intricately connected.

Our inner landscape is created by all of these factors. Awareness, compassion, and a willingness to seek help are required to navigate this nexus.

It is essential to maintain a balanced and fulfilling mental health for a fulfilling life. The cultivation of this intricate web cultivates resilience, authenticity, and a profound sense of connection.

Globalization and competition characterize today’s world. In Kashmir, peer pressure, family expectations, and social standards have combined to create a tumultuous environment. While these pressures may be universal, our responses to them can be unique and empowering.

The loss of my mother in February 2020 left me in the depths of mental turmoil. It is imperative to adopt a positive attitude during such times.

Nurturing mental resilience requires surrounding oneself with individuals who motivate, inspire, and uplift. It takes acceptance to heal from life’s tragedies.

The people we hold close to us may experience disheartening revelations in life. As deep as any physical pain, toxic behavior can cause wounds.

Keeping one’s distance from such negativity is an act of self-preservation. In the Quran, it states, “Do not allow their words to sadden you, O Prophet.”. Allah is the only one who has power and honour. (Quran 10:65 – Surat Yunus) reminds us that we are not defined by the judgments of others.

Social media can be detrimental to our mental health. Our perceptions of reality can be distorted by constant comparisons, manufactured appearances, and virtual allure.

We can reconnect with our authentic selves and find solace away from digital noise by limiting our interaction with social media.

Getting closer to Allah is a great way to strengthen our mental health. Making time for stillness allows us to detach from the chaos and reconnect with ourselves.

We can change our perspectives and infuse hope into challenging situations with positive self-talk. Having clear boundaries protects us from negativity and preserves our emotional integrity.


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